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Andrew Lessman Marine Collagen

Not sure if this has been asked before.....

But I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a difference in Andrew's Collagen vs Neocell? I'm currently using Andrew's but my daughter swears by Neocell.

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Re: Andrew Lessman Marine Collagen

You can compare the labels, to satisfy your curiosity. 

I've never tried the powder that you mix in a liquid, but my DH and I take the Neocell Marine Collagen (it is Collagen 1 & 3), in the capsule form.  It's recommended to take it on an empty stomach (and not at the same time as a Collagen 2, BTW).  We have not experienced any bad taste or bad reaction.  When I fall off and forget to take it for a few days, I can feel it in my knees.  I have it on a subscription through Amazon.  

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Re: Andrew Lessman Marine Collagen

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I have used AL's for nearly 2 years.  After a torn miniscus and surgery, the orthopedic surgeon recommended taking it and said his was the best he had ever seen.  It must be working because he also noted that in the first year taking it my cartilage is much thicker so just based on this I would recommend it.