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Re: Andrew Lessman June Monthly Specials

I actually did not order anything this visit only because I restocked last visit.  I was reading either here or on another post that some use 2 scoops of the Marine Collagen, I started using it when he first introduced it but 1 scoop, I started this week using 2 scoops and I do believe I am feeling even more of a difference. 


Another thing I thought wasn't working was his circulation vein supplements which I was taking forever and ran out and didn't bother to reorder and noticed at night after sitting all day at work then commuting home my right ankle would swell, boy I couldn't order it quick enough.....swelling is gone.

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Re: Andrew Lessman June Monthly Specials

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Pet vitamins are coming, the first one will be for joints.


Macha product will be out later this year.



@VaBelle35  HOW FUNNY.   This past weekend my husband and I were just commenting on how nice it would be to purchase pet items from AL.  He is such a huge animal lover, and makes such amazing products,  you know whatever he makes will be excellent.   Thanks for the heads up.

@nyc1   He said the pet stuff will be in powder form that you mix in with their food.  Knowing him, he will tell you the amount touse based on the weight of the pet.

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Re: Andrew Lessman June Monthly Specials

@Luvitorleaveit1 The instructions for the Marine Collagen and the Free Range are one to two scoops. Some are noticing a difference with just one; others need two. One scoop of the Free Range is just right for me.