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@GenXmuse wrote:

That sounds awful! I think some people just have more sensitive nerve endings in their teeth than others and pain in one can have a cascading effect on the rest.   Not sure why people have to be dismissive of another's personal experience because they don't experience it themselves.
Sorry you're going through this. 

Some people are dismissive about everything. I just ignore it. It is their problem.Smiley Happy

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I seem to have a similar problem at least with crowns.  they are temperature sensitive for a long time.  Can't understand why they can not make3 a crown with a nonconducting layer to avoid this

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@Sweetbay magnolia 


Yes, I also use the high flouride toothpaste and it has helped with sensitivity issues.

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Misery loves company!  I, too, suffer from dental pain and sensitivity.  Just had an emergency tooth extraction 4 days ago and all went well during the actual extraction.  It's the "after" part that I dread since that part is the most painful and uncomfortable.  It will take me many weeks before I actually will be back to normal.  Right now I have sensitivity, TMJ and just an overall awful feeling that my jaw is out of line and that I have a mouth full of teeth that are all "barking".   After a root canal many years ago, it actually took me one year before that tooth actually settled down.  I was almost ready to extract it just to be done with the sensitivity and pain that was still radiating.  I agree with others that even a cleaning is a major ordeal for me and I have to plan ahead when making an appointment because I am going to be out of sorts for some time after.  Ugh! 

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where would I find these pills?and do you need a script for them?

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@sherrikay    Arnica Montana Pills?  Just order from any place that sells natural supplements... Amazon is easy and fast.

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thank-you  seamaiden.i appreciate your respond  and will definitely  check out not sure if my local health food store is still at the mall.i haven't been there in over a year.

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Re: Am I unusual? Dental

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@Abrowneyegirl I am sorry you are living with such a high level of pain in your teeth, after a procedure to one tooth, that you are continuing to count the days you have pain.  All I can contribute to the conversation is that sometimes it is the sensitivity of the patient, perhaps due to enamel erosion or prior dental work already done near the root of the tooth, that causes the pain and other times, it is not the patient at all, but the overly aggressive or hurried dentist who does not take enough care during the procedure that causes the pain.


Years ago, I went for a dental appointment for a composite filling the day before a major holiday, and the dentist (who was filling in for my regular dentist) was in a hurry to leave the office to enjoy his family and friends and the occasion.  So, it turns out he did not properly file down the filling to make my bite even on both sides of my mouth, resulitng in a higher than normal filling for the affected tooth.  The pain that developed as a result of that high filling was outrageous, and I started feeling what you indicated-- extreme, debilitating pain-- when I chewed food.  Every meal felt more painful than the one before it, and I was with someone at the time, thankfully, who insisted I go to his dentist as an emergency patient.  His dentist heard what I had to say, immediately knew what the problem could be, and confirmed it by having me show him my bite.  He filed the new filling down in his office, and I was grateful that the problem was addressed, but the pain from the nerve damage sustained took a full  two months to resolve. I was honestly thinking of suing the dentist who hurt me, because the pain level was ridiculous, and I thought it might never resolve. Luckily, one day I had only half the pain in that tooth, and the following day, I had no pain at all. The pain just shut itself off, once the injury to the nerve resolved.


I just wanted you to consider that perhaps you might want to find a more gentle dentist in your area, if you think the dentist you have now is too aggressive with your teeth and nerve endings. It may not be your teeth causing you pain, but your dentist's surgical technique with your teeth.  


Wishing you the best with your recovery and pain elimination, regardless of the cause. 

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@sherrikay wrote:

thank-you  seamaiden.i appreciate your respond  and will definitely  check out not sure if my local health food store is still at the mall.i haven't been there in over a year.

@sherrikay  This is a good brand. The tablets dissolve quickly under the tongue 



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@Jersey Born 

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful post.

You make some very good points, and I know exactly what you mean about the bite being "off" on a filling.  I had that happen once, and I had to go back in about 48 hrs to get an adjustment.  Funny how a 32-second adjustment can make all the difference!!


When it comes to ANYONE working in my mouth, I pick very carefully.  When I needed a gum graph on a tooth I went to 4 different surgeons before I found one I liked (of course, he was an hour away and very expensive but did a great job with fab results).



My dentist knows me very well, (we were friends for years before I used him professionally) and they always schedule extra time as I need breaks or extra Novocain sometimes.  


We have dental professionals in my family, including my mother, who was a hygienist, so I always had the best dental care and preventative treatments. But I still HATE the smell and sounds in a dental office.  


No matter what, I have a mouth full of angry teeth after every trip to the dentist.


I do anything I can to avoid dental work, and thankfully I take VERY good care of my teeth, or I would be in big trouble.


When I was young, I was in a 3-year fluoride treatment research project to see if fluoride would have an effect on the health of elementary-age children's teeth.


I had a tooth shift out of alignment a few years ago, and the crowding between the 2 teeth was so painful I spent $7500 out of pocket on Invisalign to correct the problem.  It was very painful to move the tooth back to its original position, but now the pain is gone.


The wrong type of toothpaste- my tongue, lips, gums, and the inside of my cheeks get red hot and Burn, burn burn.


I still count my blessings though, other than dental pain, expense, and aggravation, I have no other health issues.  No prescription meds, no other aches or pains.  We all have something to deal with I guess........