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@hyacinth003 @Trinity11   Trinity, I am so in agreement with you about the blood sugar testing with the glucometer. The continuous glucose reading devices worn by some today, those devices read glucose levels in the interstitual fluid not blood. I wore one for a short while with my pump and found it extremely unreliable as to being accurate. There was a full disclosure statemnt with it that stated readings with the4 cgm could vary  up to 100 points as compared to a blood glucose reading. Why bother with another device in my body if it is no more reliable than that. I recently had a heated argument with my doctor  and a medtronic rep who wanted me to trade in my pump for a more recent model that reqired a cgm. My aic has been 5.6 to 5.9 for about 2 years on my current pump. At some point I will have to trade it on as they have now stopped making the model. Just like all electronics( phones, tvs, they are always changing. I do not want the cgm. 

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That's good to hear. Congratulations! Heart