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I love it. I drink the unsweetened every day. 

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My daughter is vegan...that is why she drinks it.  My husband is lactose intolerant.  that is why he drinks it.  Plus it is somewhat lower in calories.  He is trying to watch his intake of calories.  I just looked it up...about 40 calories per cup.  Me I don't like it, but I like skim milk.  So that is what I use.

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I find it tastes much better than dairy and leaves no thick residue in my mouth after drinking it like dairy does.  I absolutely despise anything but full fat milk.  and drank very little until I started drinking Almond milk.  I do not like the vanilla almond milk except for the honey one and prefer the unsweetened.    I love the chocolate also.

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I avoid almonds and all nuts in general including milks made from them. Nuts contain large amounts of the amino acid arginine which exacerbates my colds beyond belief. People who are prone to shingles are also vulnerable to high arginine in their diet.

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I wouldn't touch that stuff. Yuck.

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I have never found one I cared for and so no reason for me to buy then.  I like milk, and I buy lactose free, which I have no issues with.  To me almond milk is either watery or sort of thick and I don't like either. 

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I used to be a big cows milk drinker.  When we changed our lifestyle and got off sugar, that meant switching to unsweetened almond milk.  No, it doesn't tast anywhere close to regular milk. I don't drink it much by itself, but will use it in my recipes.  DH will put it on granola but always mixes in a little heavy whipping cream to make it tast more like milk. 

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I like almond milk.  It's much less expensive than cow's milk and tastes the same.  Longer expiration dates are also a plus.


Unfortunately, production of almond milk uses a lot of water.  For that reason, I try to stick with soy or oat milk.

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I don't drink cow's milk because, well, I'm not a calf. I drink unsweetened plain almond milk, chocolate almond milk, and soy milk.  


When I got off dairy, I no longer needed my two daily allergy medications and my problems with swelling in my face and nasal passages, and hives completely stopped.

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We switched to buying almond milk for my 88 year old mother because it lasts much longer.  One small container lasts her nearly a month and my brother doesn't feel like he's pouring her money down the drain.