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A happy ending for my friend

So nice to hear so good news.....


This is a tale of stars aligning.

My friend was back in town for a visit before the holidays when she and I went shopping.  While out we ran into my nutritionist and I stopped to say "Hi!" and ther 3 of us chatted.  My nutritionist asked my friend if she could talk to her about a concern.

The 2 of them had a sidebar conversation.

She gave my friend some advice and told her to buy a book to educate herself about a particular medical condition and make an appointment with her doctor when she got home and request some specific labs.

My friend called me last night to tell me my dietician was spot-on! She has exactly what she told her to look into and now has a diagnois and treatment plan.  She is working with my dietician for the nutrition peice of her treatment.  

She is so thankful for this "chance meeting."  She is over the moon and I am so happy for her!!

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Re: A happy ending for my friend

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I think that is fabulous too!! Tell your friend 'Hooray"

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Re: A happy ending for my friend

You have an amazingly educated and observant nutritionist. Wonderful news for your friend and her health, and you are very fortunate to have this nutritionist in your life!  Best of luck to your friend!