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Re: A Helmet Scan to detect dementia

@Vivian Florimond  You and I noticed the same thing with loved ones. It was my mom. Having her on Aricept helped slow the progression for about 10 years. At least we were aware and did everything possible to keep her safe. As her dementia progressed, we were prepared for the next steps. Nothing was a surprise to us or her. The moves into Independent Living, Assisted Living and finally Skilled Care were well researched and she knew about each one prior to being moved. I had also talked with her attorney, broker, accountant, etc., prior to each financial and health change. There were no crisis or quick decision during the 16 years our family was aware of her dementia. I would hope other families care enough to treat it as any other health issue and plan ahead. 

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Re: A Helmet Scan to detect dementia



I’d certainly rather pay $30!

If a scan tells you “yes” there are many reasons to have a diagnosis, I have just begun to find out.


First of all, in many cases a loved one will not give up driving just because their loved ones ask them to.


I would vote for tests that quantify our abilities when we are distracted or when decision-making in split-seconds is necessary.


Qualifying for Medicaid requires a diagnosis. PCP often needs some type of medical proof before they will cooperate and fill out forms, etc.

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