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@Shiloh09    AWESOME  !

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Good for you!!! It is such a good feeling isn't it? I wish you much success.

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Chocolate peanut butter is my fave.

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Good for you, it sure feels good when the pounds start to come off !!!!!!

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where do you get Idealshakes?  And how many calories is a chocolate peanut butter one?    I am so inspired by you and your weight loss journey.  Congratulations!

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that's fantastic!  I've lost over 60. It's not easy though.  I track my food in myfitnesspal too.  My best advice was to get a food scale. I was using measuring cups and they were not the correct portion sizes. I started losing more after that. Best wishes on keeping it up! I like food, so shakes aren't for me. I eat high protein pancakes/waffles every day. Yummmm.  

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@Shiloh09 wrote:


 I sure am eating a lot of green, cruciferous vegetables and appleas, bananna and melon! Thanks for the heads up on your shakes. I'seen the Vega but not the other. I will look at them in the event I decide to change.




Hey @Shiloh09


Still making progress this last month since your original post, or have you reached your goal? If not, slow and consistent with the right nutritious foods will get you there.


Stay with it,






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Congratulations!  It's a great feeling to see the numbers move down!  You have given me a little nudge to check this out for myself!

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Wow!  Congratulations @Shiloh09!!  You've inspired me to check out the product.  Thanks for posting the info and details of what you're eating.  I LOVE to hear about real results!!!  How much do you want to loose?   Thanks again for sharing your story!!!