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Shaggy girl, Had to get the same eardrops at that price, actually I think mine were $223.00, in Jan. Just like you I paid to get them, needed them because the pain was so bad from the ear infection, so I had to have them. 



Thank goodness they work though! It would have been a reall bummer if they hadn't after spending that much. When I got home from CVS I actually called the Dr's office and talked to the lady at the desk and told her to pass that info on to the APRN that saw me earlier and prescribed them just so if she needed to prescribe them for anyone else she might want to let the patient know what the cost is if their insurance doesn't cover it and if they can't afford it maybe try something else first.


The young guy who waited on me at CVS did a little research and found a $30 off coupon (I THINK that was the amount, not 100% sure, might have been more) for them, I think it was from the manufacturer but not sure about that but whoever it was from he couldn't let me use it because if you were involved in any kind of government program you couldn't. I have a medicare advantage insurance plan so that ruled me out.

Yes, I have Medicare Part D and I don't think you can use those coupons/discounts with that. Luckily we  could afford the medicine, but never in my life have I ever had to pay that much. We always had BC/BS through husbands work and only had a copays, I think the most I ever paid for anything was $47.00. So a huge awakening with Medicare and getting prescriptions now. Never realized how expensive medicine was, now I know!!

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@Goodie2shoes WOW! Never heard about cough medicine cost $55! WHEW!