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Re: 46 abdominal ultrasound for period issues

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@lynbeechwood  Lyn I've been through a transvaginal ultrasound a couple of times.  I had a thickening of the uterus and the uterus was cockeyed - seriously tilted. 


They found nothing abnormal.


A transvaginal ultrasound gets a better, more accurate picture of the uterus.  It is not painful. 


Any time you have an abdominal ultrasound, you have to drink lots of water.  It's part of the test and helps with the imaging.  


And I don't recollect having to drink any water at all. Maybe what I had isn't the same thing as being discussed here. I just recall having the, well whatever that thing was, inserted you know where, in a darkish room and moving it around while the lady was watching a monitor or screen or whatever you want to call it. I also remember when I saw that thing coming at me thinking "WHOA"! lol

@shaggygirl  I only had to drink water when they needed to look at my bladder the very first time.  After that, when I went for a follow up to look at a cyst on my ovary, I didn't need to drink the water.  In fact, the doctor who did the ultrasound told me to ignore the water part for the follow up even though everyone will tell me I need to drink water.  LOL


Love that man!

That's why I had one as well, lower abdominal pain caused by a suspected cyst on my ovary. Turned out that wasn't what the cause was.

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Re: 46 abdominal ultrasound for period issues

Don't worry it is just protocall to have this done.  I had it done a couple of times because I had large fibroids for years.  The water drinking is done so they can see better with the wand that runs over the area for the first part of the imaging.  Then they let you pee then do the internal part which is no big deal either.  I had very irregular bleeding when I went into peri menopause, and yes it is totally normal.  

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Re: 46 abdominal ultrasound for period issues

Periods are not clock work when time goes on.  Some months one can have 2 periods. or not at all. Another month one can have a period for 2+weeks. Once can go without a period 9+ months and  BAM aunt flow is there! You think you are done with it.


One should get it checked out by the Dr. with drastic changes. (just to make sure)

I have to do transvaginal ones because of the water intake.  The best test is the uterine biopsy, and get your annual pap/mammos. You will be fine.

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Re: 46 abdominal ultrasound for period issues

A few years ago, I was bleeding between periods and I had both an intravaginal ultrasound and the ultrasound directly on my stomach. It turned out I had a fibroid in my uterus that was causing the bleeding. 


I had it done on my belly first and then the technician had me empty my bladder. The intravaginal ultrasound was last. Was uncomfortable but not too bad.

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Re: 46 abdominal ultrasound for period issues

Hi Friends- I just wanted to update you all that were kind enough to take the time and reply to my post. My scan showed that I do have a fibroid and an ovarian cyst. I was given different treatment options. Ranging from hormonal all the way up to hysterectomy. At this time I opted to try the pill-for my prolonged periods. If this doesn't help with my issues - I am considering the hysterectomy. 


Please know that your posts helped me so much!

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Re: 46 abdominal ultrasound for period issues

@lynbeechwood  Thank you so much for letting us know.  Hope the medication works.  Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  Have a happy weekend.