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Re: 2nd dose of phizer covid vaccine

I go for my second Phizer vaccine in two weeks.  Had no problem with the first.

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Re: 2nd dose of phizer covid vaccine

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@Alexa6352 wrote:

@Sooner  You do know that this is NOT A VACCINE? It's an Experimental Gene Therapy Shot. They call it a vaccine..but do some research it's not a vaccine. It's not FDA Approved..and they did not do enough Human trials on it. they have no idea what Long Term Effects this NEW THERAPY  would have on our bodies..BUT if yu are ok with that fine. Iam not and refuse to be a Human Guinea pig..But that's just me..BUT Good Luck.



No, the vaccines are not gene therapy at all.  And, with the 100,000s of thousands who have had them, we are WAY beyond 

any conceivable number of human trials anyone could ask for. 


Yes, post vaccine you may still get COVID, but not as severe a case as without it, and you are very unlikely to need hospitalization, or to pass a deadly case of COVID on to a loved one.


However, given that roughly 30% of Americans say they will  NOT be vaccinated, yes, those of us who have been vaccinated should still protect ourselves, it just makes sense.


I’ve had the vaccine, couldn’t wait, very grateful, happy my family got it.


You do you.


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Re: 2nd dose of phizer covid vaccine

@Mersha  I still would rather deal with vomiting for 8 hours than die in a hospital on a ventillator or be left with severe blood clots that lead to amputations or endure further heart damage to my already weakened heart as is the case with a lot of people with severe covid illness. Glad you got vaccinated.