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Thank you, we are getting our 2nd Pfizer on March 5th. Hopefully it will go the same as the last, zero issues.




We had the Pfizer vaccination too.  So far just a sore arm.  

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@aunt bea wrote:

@hckynut  I also got Pfizer, we can compare results on the 6Th!  Hope everyone only has mild issues.  Stay safe and warm until then!


DH gets his second Pfizer on the 5th too. Nice coincidence!

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I got my second Moderna shot last Thursday (February 11th). My arm was sore for a few days, but that was it.

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Thank you for letting us know.  I get my second next week and based upon my initial response and then 10 day delayed response to the first, I'm fully prepared to get hammered.


If those reactions are even a taste of what COVID is about, I sure don't want to get the full blown deal!



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Teacher daughter had her 2nd Moderna vaccine on Friday.   Saturday and Sunday she had aches, hot and cold chills, an overall bad feeling, and very pronounced site reaction, which is still very red.


Her reaction is about what we expected, due to her many allergies, and visible reactions to weekly allergy injections.   

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Had my second Pfizer shot 2 weeks ago.  Just a very sore arm for 36 hours then back to normal after that. 

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I had my first Pfizer vaccine a few weeks ago and go for my second this Friday. I didn't have any reaction except a horrible backache. I've never heard that a backache was a reaction but I had a terrible one. Just for one day and that was it. I'm wondering if I'll get the backache again. 

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@ID2  I have a friend who had a backache for a couple days after her first shot, hasn’t had her second yet. 

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@aunt bea 


Our 2nd Pfizer is also on March 5th.




mine also.  Scared 

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My sister and I have both had our first dose of the Moderna vaccine.  I had a sore arm only. My sister had aches,chills and a headache for a about a day. Everyone is different . The second dose will be interesting !