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FAQ Forums & Blogs Changes

Why are you making changes to the QVC Forums & Blogs?

We’re working hard every day to improve your QVC Community experience, and these enhancements are designed to do just that by providing updated features and options. We hope this makes your QVC Community experience even better.


Why do you need my email address?

We use an email address to validate your QVC Community sign on. You will need to submit a valid email address to comment on forums or blogs.   


Will I be able to keep my nickname?

Yes! You can continue conversations using your QVC Community nickname.


How do I start a new Forum topic?

The “New Message” button will be at the top left of any category. We love to hear your stories! 


Will I be able to “Ignore” another user’s content?

For now, this feature is not available.


How do I upload a profile image?

Go to your profile page. Then, click on the avatar (gray image) at the top left of the page. Select an image from your computer, and click on upload. Let’s see those smiles!


What does the “Heart” mean? How do I “Heart” a post?

The “Heart” is a way for you to let another Community member know that you like their post. You can “Heart” a post by clicking on the “Heart” icon at the bottom of their post.


What are Notifications in the QVC Forums & Blogs?  

Notifications are a way for us to let you know that another Community member has engaged with you by responding, hearting, or sharing your post. It’s also a way to share important information with you. Notifications will be located in the top right corner next to your nickname.


How do I upload images to my posts?

Click on the photo icon in the Post toolbar. Select an image from your computer, and click on upload. 


What does it mean to @ mention someone?

This is a feature that alerts another member about a conversation that may be of interest to them. To send a Notification, simply type the @ sign followed by a member’s nickname within your comment. For example, @JaneDoe. 


What does it mean to tag a post?

Adding a tag is an easy way to make a specific topic searchable in the Forums & Blogs. The tag makes your post visible to all members who are searching for the same topic.


How do I create a tag?

Type the words into the text box under “Message Tags.” When adding multiple tags to a post, be sure to separate each tag using a comma.


Will I still be able to quote another member?

Yes! To quote or repost from another member, click on the quote link and you will see the content that you are quoting inserted at the top of your new post.


How do I get back to the Forums & Blogs main page?

To get back to the Forums & Blogs main page, use the “breadcrumbs” (path example listed below) at the top of the page. Click on Forums & Blogs to go directly back to the main page.


Will I be able to access the Forums & Blogs from my mobile device?

Yes! Many Community members asked for this option, and we are excited that our new system provides a mobile view, so you can access the Forums & Blogs anywhere. 


How long will Community members have access to topics?

As part of our system enhancements and simplification, we will provide access to topics for up to one year.


How do I report inappropriate content?

Look for the “Report Inappropriate Content” link at the bottom left of the post. After clicking on this link, you may explain why you believe the content is inappropriate. When you are finished typing your comments, click the “Notify Moderator” button to submit to the moderation team for review.