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Community Update

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Please notice that there is a new Category named My Favorite Brand. In it you will find separate categories for many of your favorite product lines.



Here are a few tips to customize your community experience:


Adding a signature tag

Go to My Settings and click Preferences> then Personal Profile> then Personal Information> enter signature in box. To Not view all signatures to go Preferences> uncheck the box that says View Signatures in post.


What Is A Macro?

A Macro is a response that you set up in your account for easy access in a post. For instance, if your favorite response is, “Have an awesome day!” it will appear in a dropdown to insert easily in your post. You can set up many phrases by going to My Settings and click on Macros. Insert a title such as “greeting” and fill out the box/boxes and scroll down and SAVE.


To show dates of posts and threads

Go to Preferences and click Display. You will see a box that says Use relative dates. Uncheck that box and be sure to click SAVE. Dates will then appear on all posts and thread.


Finding the latest post in a thread

You can go right to the last post in a thread by clicking on the date before you open the thread. It will take you directly to the last comment.


You can get more helpful information in the Welcome Get Started category. Here are helpful links to get to them:


Setting Your Preferences

Answers To Your Questions



Remember to put any questions you have in our Suggestion Box!


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