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wen 10/8 - 10/20 shows & hits per Dooters

Hi Everyone,


The following was posted on Dooter's FB page:


Can't wait to see Gina Gannon tonight at 9 PM (my Ca time) or Midnight for you east coast people. I've missed her. She's beautiful. Yes, Lisa is my girlfriend but Gina is gorgeous and I am a playa.
Also, hoping to see her in the QVC Beauty Awards show at 6 PM 10/8 (my time) and rooting for Team WEN to win awards. Still trying to get intel on shows coming up but boy are they being secretive. Luckily Cooper does ride and talk on the phone sometimes (isn't that illegal?) and I hear some INSANE surprises are coming. I'm not done with my hacking so let's hear it for PC Anywhere...... Schedule has changed I happened to see that so here it is:
Date & Time Show
10/8/2015 0:00 Beauty Gifts
10/8/2015 21:00 Customer Choice Awards (Go WEN)
10/16/2015 15:00 Beauty Gifts
10/16/2015 21:00 FNB
10/17/2015 10:00 Saturday Morning Gifts
10/17/2015 15:00 WEN by Chaz Dean 2 Hour Show
10/17/2015 20:00 Gift Guide
10/18/2015 16:00 WEN by Chaz Dean 2 Hour Show
10/19/2015 6:00 Fashionably Early
10/19/2015 19:00 Inspired Style
10/20/2015 22:00 The Find

I did wander over to the QVC Forum and I think there's going to be some very happy Fall lovers and I think they'll be surprised. Hoping I will see something soon so at least I know. Even my Magic 8 Ball is freezing up on me. I'm going with a conspiracy theory I have.....

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Re: wen 10/8 - 10/20 shows & hits per Dooters

Oh thank you,,,good to know!