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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

@sznk wrote:

@geezerette& @Souperkrys - i think his november 10 shows are Repeats


@nikki48- re ODO trio - i missed his 6-7am show. when i woke up i saw the trio for $61, but when i tried to order it, it said Sold Out, then it disappeared. (fall mini perfume also said Sold Out, then disappeared, as @SuzyZ said.)


@WendykW- i could not agree more !


i hope his nov 28 tsv doesn't get cancelled Woman Frustrated



Then it will be the first time, to my knowledge, that QVC Live (the main channel) will have repeated programming in the middle of the day.

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

this is such a bummer.  my orders are 99% WEN.  they are reducing his shows slowly...like a painful death.


i called and the customer service rep didn't have any information. i asked my complaint be passed on.


i ordered this morning at the tail end of his show.


i hope we get a straight answer soon.  



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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(


In all the years he's been on QVC, does anyone ever remember a show of his getting cancelled? 

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

I'm bummed ... hope things are ok.

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

Very odd. I was especially looking forward to a demo of the new brushes. The smaller one is sold out on Chaz's site right now but if it comes back in time for the Black Friday sale, then the pair would be about the same price as on the Q once you add tax and shipping.  Frustrating to guess whether it hurts or helps Chaz's prospects for future shows on the Q, but I'd rather order directly from his site when I can. 
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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

@nikki48 wrote:

When I woke up this morning (also when I checked after midnight last night) there was a fall seasonal ODO (16 oz CC, 4oz oil and SC) for $61 or $62. I remembered thinking it was about the price of the seasonal oil alone. That is now gone. Did it sell out or did QVC just remove it? Did anyone grab it while it was still up? 

Ordered it before the show started. EDD is for November 7.

Got the WVP

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

I feel like QVC has changed A LOT...this year....I get bored with a whole day and a half of the same product......etc......how many  times can you pet a blanket??? Or stir the same pot.......I know they are in the biz to sell....not a problem but surely they could get it more together and have tons of people wanting to promote their products too.......sometimes I think it is just a jewelry show ...or beauty show...they are back to back shows which get

very boring...I agree thely could offer explanations.....if they sell out of product...just say so ....etc......Maybe there is an internal problem with staff at QVC not getting their jobs done in a timely manner......who knows???

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

I have the impression that the philosophy show was a very last minute substitution. That is what MariLyn said on her facebook page. No reason given.

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

@Annabellethecat wrote:

Chaz was just (this week) on the Bravo show "Flipping Out".  I know these shows are filmed months in advance so I know he wasn't there recently.  However, if you want to see more or another side (the business side) of Chaz go to Bravo.com and check him out in "Flipping Out".  The 'star' of the reality show is a designer/builder named Jeff Lewis.  He does a lot of work for celebrities and mostly rich people.


Chaz has remodeled his salon and he also 'flips' houses.  I REALLY enjoy seeing this side of Chaz.  As always, he's soft spoken, business-like, but (as always kind).  It's fun to see him this way.


Chaz was also in this week's show the God father of Jeff's new daughter.  He was really good around the little girl.  I think (as most children do) she realized his kindness and soft-spoken manner was real and (while the 2 Dad's were so concerned about her screaming...which she often does, through the ceremony), she never even whimpered while in Chaz's arms.  Ha!


Anyway, I know many people are turned off on reality shows, but I enjoy this one because I love anything to do with house building/designs and it's fun to see people who we normally see in one area; reacting in another area.



Anyone who loves k-9's like Chaz can babysit my kids/grandkids any day!

Thanks for the info, I'll try to catch the show.

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Re: qvc cancelled Chaz at 2pm today :-(

When I clicked on the Fall OTO on my order status "In Process," I got the message that it was not available as it sold out. I also checked Chaz's FB site and a post by him yesterday mentioned that he would be on the 6am Eastern time but he did not say he would be on at 2pm despite what the QVC programming says.


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An earlier post said this:


You do not want to miss this 1 hour show!
The angels are in the building ! These are the last couple days #gallons will be available and we have the launch of the NEW WEN brushes✔️✔️✔️
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