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no Bubbles added

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About 30 years ago, thru my work, I met Dave, a sales rep for a company that manufactures and distributes cleaning products. It's a small, local company, and they would custom-make products as I needed them for the business I was purchasing for.


Suds, bubbles, foam, call it what you want. Dave explained that was simply from the addition of chemical ingredients during the manufacturing process. And while bubbles do serve a function in some cleaning agents, in some others, the bubbles are simply there for looks.


For instance, an automatic floor scrubber uses a non-foaming detergent (you don't want to see a trail of bubbles down the hall) to do an excellent job of cleaning the floor. While the same detergent agent with foaming ingredient added would be used in another cleaning application.


We talked about big poofy bubbles like in a bubble bath, creamy bubbles in body wash, and zillions of teeny tiny little bubbles like in dish soap. We talked about bubbles that break up and rinse away very easily, very quickly as those used in laundry detergent.

Dave's company made them all.


And we talked about the psychology of bubbles.


You see, people like bubbles.

They see bubbles and they think it means cleaning. When they see copious bubbles they think it means better cleaning. This is not true.

There's a science to the psychology of adding the right bubble to the right product.


I have to say, when Chaz Dean was developing Wen, while leaving out the harsh detergents that damage hair and scalp, he had the opportunity to include totally unnecessary foaming agents that would add suds-appeal to attract potential customers. He resisted adding bubbles "just for looks", and I appreciate his choice.

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The same thing happened with Purity.  When Philosophy sold the company, they came out with the foaming purity because the new company felt people wanted bubbles.

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I love my "bubble" baths.


I better see some suds & bubbles when I wash my clothes.


I better see some bubble & suds when I wash my hair.



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I must have my bubbles !!  LOL🛁🛁

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I don't want bubbles anywhere, hair or skin...(thank you Chaz)


I clean with Young's living oils, (I make my own mixes up) does a wonderful job..


I use as many natural based laundry products as I can, less damage to fabric & colors..


My health & home are much healthier this way, for my needs,,Smiley Happy



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I've been bubble free for a long time and I've been loving every minute of it.  I  also got rid of 99 per cent of the chemicals I used in my home.

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Im completely fine with not having bubbles when cleansing my hair. I will take moisturized and silky over stripped and dry anyday!