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Re: Where is Bebe?

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I know a lot of the forum gals are posting on the super fans fb as well but I have stressed that we need to keep this forum going as well. It is one of the most popular forums and always has been. And where is @Drythe , my long time Wen buddy? I'm still reeling about talking to Chaz and I want her to know.

Oh yes @ANewHue. I don't do any FB, so this forum is a great help...Smiley Happy

(although I am probably only person left that doesnt' do FB...)lol

@quadmimi  No you're not the only one that doesn't do FB, I don't either, never have Smiley Surprised 


I don't post much but I'm here lurking, I also love the forum and the ladies who post here... And WEN of course Smiley WinkHeart

Oh Hi @FleaMktQn   oh good I am not the only human who doesn't use FB!...Smiley Happy

I bet your hair looks wonderful, you mentioned you have good water, we will be back at  our work place with the water softner soon, it took my Wen to another level..

I am hoping for a nice 613 set & MIF..


@quadmimi  It's amazing how much of a difference good water makes Woman Surprised


I'm out of 613 CC but have plenty of all the other 613 stuff. I'd love a great deal on just the CC Smiley Wink I'm really set with everything else so I can't take advantage of any of these great deals Smiley Embarassed


But I have to try the new scents coming out Woman Surprised I just can't help myself Woman LOL

@FleaMktQn  Me too!!

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Re: Where is Bebe?

@HSB1204, I understand.

I guess I'm just saying I remember you, and that you had a positive influence on me.

Thank you.