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Re: What's your remoist experience like?

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It's interesting to hear how some are using remoist.  I always thought Oil was used overnight BEFORE cleansing, and Remoist was used overnight (or for 30-45min plus) AFTER cleansing??  I notice some of you are doing them at the same time and some are cleansing after remoist. 


@sueinsf ,  you're right. That is the way that Chaz recommends that you do it. -- over time, I discovered that this other way works best for me.


I started doing a Remoist / Oil  overnight combination treatment because I found that I wasn't able to do a solo Remoist  treatment on a regular basis.  


Chaz  does recommend that you cleanse your hair before you do a re-moist for best results.


For several years before I had started to use  Chaz's Remoist  I had been using the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment formula ( these days I switch back and forth between these two products) for overnight hair treatments.  When I had used over Ojon,  The instructions did not indicate that I needed to use it on cleansed hair, so I would just apply it to my dry uncleansed hair. 



 The first time I used the Remoist,  I first cleansed my hair and then applied an overnight Remoist.  Then the following morning I washed the excess Remoist out of my hair.  I have thin/baby fine hair,  so I need to  cleanse my hair after a treatment because otherwise my hair is too greasy. --  I quickly realized that having to do this  extra cleanse was going to be too much work for me, and so I wouldn't wind up  using the Remoist  very often if I followed Chaz's  instructions. So I decided to try using it the same way that I had been using the  Ojon treatment.  It worked well and so this is how I have incorporated the Remoist  into my hair routine. 


Last  year I was very busy and I started noticing that I was not using the  Remoist  on a regular basis.  So I came up with the idea of trying to do a combination overnight oil scalp treatment and Remoist hair treatment. I start with the Oil scalp treatment. I apply the oil carefully so as the leave the rest of my hair dry. Then I apply the Remoist to my dry hair and I keep  both products in my hair overnight and cleanse my hair the next morning. 


 I haven't noticed any difference between applying the Remoist  to just cleanse tear versus applying it to uncleansed hair. 




FYI, Chaz has  also mentioned that after you cleanse your hair, that you can prime your hair with cleansing conditioner and then apply the Remoist.


-- bebe Smiley Happy


@bebe777 Thank you!  I have to admit, I rarely have time to do remoist except on the weekend so it's good to know this is something else I can try. 

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Re: What's your remoist experience like?

Thank you @bebe777!  I've been a Wenner since 2010 and a Wen board lurker for just about as long.  I've learned so much from you ladies!  Remoist is new to my routine so I am trying to figure out the best way to use it. I appreciate the help!

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Re: What's your remoist experience like?

Well, after reading this, I am totally doing a remoist treatment tomorrow!! I'm glad you had a great experience with the remoist. It is great when you need a moisture boost. 

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Re: What's your remoist experience like?

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