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What CC after oil treatment?

I know at one time there was a post about what CC to use after oil treatment. I think most suggestions were TT, except I don't have that. I'm doing a 24 HR SHP/POM oil treatment. Currently in my stash I have mostly seasonals, FTP, SHP, SOB. I have MIF and Lavender which I don't care for I found it too drying. I have a chin length bob with thick, wavy texture in reddish tones. what CC will most easily wash out the oil treatment? Thanks L
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Re: What CC after oil treatment?

Any cc works for me.  The only thing I find is that my hair looks best if I do a double cleanse after an oil treatment (otherwise I do fine with just a single cleanse). You might find that this is a good way to use up the cc's you don't care for (e.g., use MIF for your first cleanse).  Good luck!

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Re: What CC after oil treatment?

I haven't used any of the seasonals yet...but I like CA as my 1st cleanse after the oil/remoist....I agree with @posterchild any CC should work...I find the key for me is to really work the 1st cleanse through the scalp using lots of water and rinse really well...I tend to have a oily scalp and dry ends...that is why I have incorporated CA in as my 1st cleanse...since I have been doing the oil and CA my scalp doesn't get oily as quickly and can go longer without cleansing...

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Re: What CC after oil treatment?

@meeser Whatever combo I'm currently using is what I use to cleanse out an oil treatment...nothing special. I'm a daily cleanser, so I usually only do one cleanse using half the total recommende pumps for my length (so 8 pumps)---that gets the oil out nicely.

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Re: What CC after oil treatment?


@meeser welcome to the Wen forum and the wenderful world of Wen!! Smiley Happy


@Ilovelife123 does daily overnight oil treatments and she has said that Cucumber Aloe (CA) does the best job of getting the excess oil out of her hair, so I'd tend to go with her recommendation. CA does seem like the most logical choice since Chaz specifically created it to clarify greasy/oily hormonal teenager hair. Smiley Wink


My personal experience is that all of the CCs I'v tried (and I've tried most of them) do an equally good job of removing the excess oil from my hair. -- I've been meaning to try out her suggestion, but I keep forgetting. Smiley Wink


Best of luck!! Smiley Happy 


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Re: What CC after oil treatment?

I just do my normal routine, which happens to be TT for the first cleanse and a seasonal for the second cleanse. I massage my scalp thorougly (not hard, just make sure not to miss a spot) with the TT just to make sure I cover every place where I applied the oil. I haven't any problem washing it out.

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Re: What CC after oil treatment?

I used to get all crazy about this, but I've realized it doesn't matter. They all get the oil out easily. I used to make SURE I did a double-cleans after an oil treatment because I was sure one wouldn't be enough,  but one day I forgot a second wash after an oil treatment and just did one wash. My hair wasn't an oily, stringy mess, it was just fine.


It really doesn't matter, so use whatever you enjoy most.