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Re: Wen Totes - What do you think?

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Hi @qtrmoonlady1, that is so cute!  I'd of loved to see a picture of your kitty in that tote!  We have a kitty too.  Well, she came to us, kind of, now she's ours.  Cats love to find a small, little, out of the way place to curl up in!  I may still get that tote, I keep looking at it, I know it's nice without even seeing it physically.  Love the Wen name on it too.  I have so many Wen shirts that I got before Chaz upgraded his site.  He does have the 613 one on now but I like all the different colored ones that I was lucky enough to get.  They last too, the material is well made.  Wooops, off topic!  Cannot wait to see Chaz in a few days!!!!

@yangya- I can't wait, either!  Hope he has some good deals for us.  I want to buy the new winter CC and NBT if it's available.  I'm sure I'll like the scent as I do love mint, so I'll probably go for the SC and Mousse, also.

Hi @qtrmoonlady1, I have the new winter styling creme.  It's nice and it IS MINTY!  It's minty but the dry down is really nice.  I got it from Chaz's site.  I have not tried any of the other things in that though.  I'm gonna get the CC when it comes to the Q.  I have the new fall NBT and I adore that.  Two of my NBTs got used up.  My last Light and Coconut Lime ones are finished.  Have alot of other ones though.  Been using them since they first came out and EVERY time I do, I'm amazed.  I love mint too!