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Thanks for the suggestion @sonechko but the pixie wings aren't so bad Smiley Wink



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I know @FleaMktQn! But THIS Bamboo fabric Bandana is not too shabby looking either to me! I did get it for $20 including shipping.


Love, love, love Bamboo fabric! Remember those two bamboo hair rap towels I got from AHA site? Well, they are very thin and silky, but really take care of fly-aways hairs, and finally, I figured out how to use them most sufficiently, so they do absorb water much better - I use two of them semiteneously! Love them! Yeah, and over an old cotton t-shirt any day.

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@sonechko & @bebe777 you two are the personification of true beauty! <3


Also, now I want that bamboo head wrap. That seems awesome.