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Wen - September Show Schedule

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Wen September Schedule -- I've just looked through the online edition of the Insider. In September, Wen shows are only scheduled for September 5th (which will be for the Wen TSV) and September 19th (which should be to launch the gallons).  


Wen Shows on September 5th (all times are ET) -- Fall TSV -- midnight-2am -- 3-4am -- 7-8am -- 2-4pm -- 7-9pm -- 10pm-midnight ---- Wen segments in shows: 8-10am (AM Style) -- 10am-2pm (Saturday Morning Q) -- and probably on Sept 4th in Friday Night Beauty (11pm-midnight) 


Wen Shows on September 19th (all times are ET) -- 613, BGT & MIF gallons -- 1-3am -- 3-5pm -- 9-11pm --- there are likely to be Wen segments in beauty shows as well -- and probably on Sept 18th in Friday Night Beauty (11pm-midnight) 




In one of Chaz's periscope videos from yesterday, he confirmed that the 613, Bamboo Green Tea (BGT) and Mandarin Italian Fig (MIF) gallons would all be available for his mid September visit which is on September 19th.


In regard to the BGT and MIF gallons, Chaz also said "don't miss out because they're going to go so fast". It seems like people should purchase their BGT and MIF gallons early because he expects them to sell out quickly. 


It sounds as though he thinks that not enough of these gallons have been ordered. Maybe a conservative order was placed because there was not enough purchase history to place a larger order.


This made me think of the BGT gallons initial launch in June 2014. Not enough BGT gallons had been ordered and I think they initially went to "waitlist only" in less than two days on June 2nd (they were supposed to be available for the month of June). -- Chaz wound up bringing all of the BGT gallons which were for use in his salon to QVC. Even then, BGT gallons were completely gone by June 10th (when the BGT gallons item numbers were removed from the QVC system). The June 2014 - Running Tally of Wen Gallons Ordered thread (message #6) provides a day by day account of all the confusion that resulted from shortage of BGT gallons.



Chaz had previously mentioned that the MIF & BGT gallons would be available through the end of October, or until they run out.


Bottom line: order your BGT and MIF gallons on September 19th. Now is the time to plan out those purchasing decisions.


He didn't make the same caution with regard to the 613 gallons, so I think you can expect them to remain available. That said, it's always a good idea to make your purchasing decisions sooner rather than later.


Last fall, Chaz announced that the 613 gallons would be available from the middle of September though the end of October. -- In the middle of November, Chaz decided to make the 613 gallons available again until the end of November. -- This year it sounds as though the 613 gallons will also be available through the end of October, or until they run out. 




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Re: Wen - September Show Schedule

I'll definitely be getting my BGT gallon as soon as it can be ordered. Cat Happy

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Re: Wen - September Show Schedule

I might have to stay up way past my bedtime for those gallons. I canNOT miss them!