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And the October Chat thread rolls right in. Smiley Happy


btw, Chaz will be back at QVC this weekend:


Tune in to QVC for WEN by Chaz Dean - Hair & Body Care

Friday, October 7, 2016 from 6 – 7 p.m. ET and Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 6 – 7 a.m.6 – 8 p.m. ET and Sunday, October 9, 2016 from 1 – 3 a.m.4 – 5 p.m.8 – 9 p.m. ET


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Re: Wen - October Chat 2016

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Welcome New Wenners!! 



This is a really fun place to hang out, ask any questions, learn more about Wen, and share the latest inside info. -- The Wen Abbreviations Glossary has a cheat cheat for all the Wen acronyms that we use. -- The How many pumps or how much WEN? thread gives some helpful suggestions. The use fewer pumps for 613 Cleansing Conditioner than for other CCs & suggested number of pumps to use thread has some good information as well, but it's an older thread and has incomplete information.


In this first message, I've tried to include a number of key links to topics that may be of interest to you. The Wen FAQ - the key Wen links thread offers streamlined links to a variety of Wen information, while the Wen 101 thread offers more comprehensive information (start with the Wen FAQ though, it's easier to navigate and parts of Wen 101 still need to be updated). 


We also use the monthly chat thread (Wen - October Chat 2016) for "live" chats during Chaz's and Gina's Wen shows on QVC. Feel free to join in these Wen show chats. It's a great way to get to know fellow Wenners and it's a lot of fun. 



Three extremely popular thread to have a look through are Hilary's What Cleansing Conditioner Did You Use Today? thread as well MissKlynn's What Wen products did you use up, or open this week? and Kjelle's What WEN Did You Buy This Week? thread. These threads have ongoing discussions about the Wen products people are using and how they're using these products. Especially for new Wenners, just reading these threads daily will give you a better handle on the best ways for you to use your Wen products. If you're really zealous, of course, you can read the whole thread! But, for most people, just reading the latest entries are enough.



Hilary's great Benefits of Oils and sonechko's great What is your Most Favorite Wen Oil? threads provide a lot of information about how to incorporate the oils into your Wen hair care routine. And Hilary's I Am Even More in Love With the Wen Oils!!! and the Treatment Oils in the Classic line - which oils have worked, and which haven't? threads have more great information. -- A lot of Wenners find that their hair really benefits from using the Wen Treatment Oils.


Thia-Winter's Wen what did you use for your deep treatment today? thread has a really interesting discussion of various hair treatments.


DrCEB's Any Women of Color WEN Users Out There? thread is a comprehensive info source. 


The Cleansing Conditioner Discovery Kits are a great way to try out Wen and the Wen TSVs going back to December 2009 provides information about the year round TSV schedule.



You can always call Chaz's salon at 323-467-6444 for any questions you have about your Wen products. Chaz Dean Salon customer info & links listed in QVC broadcasts has additional links to the websites where you can follow Chaz on social media. He even has a special wendooters horse -- who's a a former Wen model -- who helps us out from time to time. He's a whiz at using Siri on his iPad. There's a rumor that he can be bribed with peppermints and carrots!! 



A lot of Wenners have their own animal friends. SurfersWife and King Toby (her Wen doggie) started the WEN Pets thread where Wenners have shared stories and photos about their Wen pets. Please feel free to add your own Wen pets photos and stories... the more, the better and the merrier. Smiley Wink



For the past year and a half, Chaz has been streaming videos on periscope. It's a lot of fun to watch. Chaz's shares hair care tips and sometimes shares information (or hints) about upcoming new Wen products and TSVs. He also has videos of him working with clients in his salon. -- Follow him on Periscope to get the latest info on everything new in Wen (new products, new unscented line, new fragrance, etc.)... and then please share this info with the rest of us. -- There's more information on how to access these videos in the periscope thread.



Periodically I'll include the Key Wen links listing (see below) as a footer when I'm posting. These are just links to threads that I think Wenners -- especially new Wenners --might find helpful and I update them regularly. I've bolded the ones I think are the most useful. 


Enjoy your time in the Wen forum!! Smiley Happy We're a friendly bunch of people with great Wen hair: great hair days just make everything feel better!! Smiley Wink Please join in the fun!!! Smiley Happy


Additionally, the Wen FAQ - the key Wen links and Wen 101 threads have a lot of general information about Wen. -- The Wen FAQ is shorter and more streamlined, while Wen 101 is more comprehensive but takes more time to look through.


Have a wenderful day!!! Smiley Happy



-- bebe Smiley Happy Wen FAQ - Wen Abbreviations Glossary WEN (QVC Wen forum) 



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Hi @bebe777 Thanks for starting the Chat thread for the wonderful month of October Smiley Very Happy Fall is my very favorite season Heart

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Thank you for starting the October chat thread @bebe777!


I'm looking forward to Chaz coming back to QVC next week although I really don't need more Wen but that won't stop me from watching (and trying not to put anything in the cart!). Cat Wink

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@bebe777   Thanks.  Smiley Happy

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Oh @bebe777 so fun to see you back!   I know if there are any FAS deals that could sneak in you will have it up in a flash!....Although I am a FVWP addict now, it wouldn't stop me from my FAS...Smiley Happy

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Hi bebe!  Hi Wenners!


I can't believe it's October already.  I finally got my Wen Mens kit (CC and oil).  I used it this morning.  Oh, wow does it smell awesome!  It's too soon to see how it affects my hair.

Get your flu shot...because I didn't.
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Happy October everyone!!  it's PUMPKIN /APPLE/PEAR TIME!!  Cannot wait for the next visit.  



Happy Fall Y'ALL!🍁🍁🍁🍁🌻🌻🌻🌻

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Gallons!! Gallons!! Happy October girls!

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Re: Wen - October Chat 2016

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@nikki48 wrote:

Gallons!! Gallons!! Happy October girls!

How much Wen do you use a month.. I read your thread where you talked about what you were using to make your hair amazing.