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Wen Hair Help

I’m relativley new to Wen. I bought FGP a few weeks ago and mainly have used it as a conditioner. Due to the medications I take for my autoimmune disorder, my hair even though it’s past my shoulders is broken, frayed, frizzed, varying lengths. I don’t know how to properly use wen or what I need. Any help on rehabbing my hair I’d appreciate it! Thanks!
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Re: Wen Hair Help

There is plenty of information here and on the WEN website.

I have issues with medication, I massage my hair with the product when I get in the shower.  Let it sit while  I take my shower then "lather" up my hair with the product and rinse well.


You can use a little product in your hair as a leave in conditioner.

Improvement may take some time.

I will never go back to shampoo.

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Re: Wen Hair Help

SophieF, the first step to getting your hair healthy again is to stop using shampoo.  The chemicals used to produce lather in shampoo strip lipids and proteins out of  your hair, damaging the structure of the hair shaft, which is why it breaks and frizzes.  You need to use WEN as both a cleaner and a conditioner.  The first cleanse involves applying the appropriate amount of WEN to soaking wet hair, roots to ends, and working it into a soft lather with water.  Rinse it out, then do the same again, but don't rinse, just wrap up the length of your hair and clip it up with a banana clip on the top of your head.  Then do the rest of your showering, and at the end, rinse out your hair.  Add in a couple of pumps, or maybe three, with the length of your hair, to act as a detangler and leave-in conditioner, and wrap your hair up in an old t-shirt or interlock turban or towel, as terrycloth contributes to frizzing.  Many Wenners swear by Aquis brand turbans, but you can buy interlock turbans inexpensively at retailers like Walmart.  Many Wenners just pull an old, clean t-whirt over their heads, then flip it up to wrap their hair in, any cotton t-shirt works.  There are more products involved if you heat dry or style, but if you air dry your hair you can get by with cleansing conditioner alone.  You can watch product videos on the QVC website to get more detailed information, and on non-holidays you can call Chaz's salon in California and speak to experts there for answers to all your questions.  Wenners on this forum will give you all the help we can, some may have pointers to videos on places like YouTube, for instance, that may have tips and tricks you can use.  I  hope I have helped a little, and welcome to this forum!

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Re: Wen Hair Help

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Merry Christmas @SophieF.


WEN can work for everyone because it is completely customizable to your particular hair type (which you didn't mention), and hair needs, which is changeable.  


Ultimately, its just wash, rinse, and repeat, like any other hair wash.


Beyond wash-rinse-repeat, how much time, money, and effort you want to put into your hair is up to you.


If you're wise enough to stick with WEN, in time you'll have to change your hair routine because your hair will improve, and not need the same as what needs today.


Start with these videos from Chaz's website just to get a general idea.


Layout can be confusing if you're not viewing on a PC. Just scroll to the bottom, pick a vid, you'll catch on. 



You can go a long way toward improving your hair with just cleansing conditioner. It's very versitile. Forget the ancillary products for now.


   As you'll see in the vids:

Thoroughly saturate hair w water

Cleanse scalp and hair using 2 to 3* golf ball sized blobs of WEN, and adding more water after the WEN is on scalp and hair.

*Use more WEN if your hair is closely waved or curly/kinky/coily


   As you see in the vids, add more water to help spread WEN from scalp to ends. This should work up into a frothy consistency.

This isnt a co-cleanse. If it stays real creamy you need lots more water. 


Rinse well


Repeat the cleanse as above, and rinse scalp & hair thoroughly.


   As you'll see in vids, add a leave-in amount of cleansing conditioner to sopping wet hair, starting at the ends and working upwards. Avoid applying leave-in to scalp.


common mistakes on both wash and rinse:

Not enough WEN

Not enough water

being skimpy with both WEN and water

skipping the Repeat cleanse

or continuing to use (ugh!) shampoo


After hair improves a bit you might consider trimming your frayed broken ends for a better finished look.

But this is enough to get you started.  🎄

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Re: Wen Hair Help

Hi Hedge.  Great post!  It's a bit hard for me to explain to a newbie because I've been using Wen exclusively for 9.5 years now.  My hair is AMAZING!


I guess it's a good idea to get used to a new product slowly so as not to be confused.  Chaz always says that a lot of products preach protein but he knows that hair needs moisture.  I agree with this 100%.  Wen makes the hair strong.  It can stretch without snapping.  I discovered this by being a Wen girl.  Wen makes the hair have lots of elasticity.  That's a good thing.  Incredible shine and bounce.  Even being a Wen girl for over nine years, I still learn from Chaz. 


I use all the Wen products and need nothing else.  As long as I've been a Wen girl, I'm still amazed by the wonderful results and oh, so enjoyable scents too.


Every day I feel just like a pampered princess, wrapped in a velvet blanket, with runway hair.

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Re: Wen Hair Help

Thank you ladies for taking the time on Christmas to reply to me. I think I’m going to get a haircut this week and start fresh. Hopefully I can pamper my hair not just throw Aussie shampoo some wen and expect miracles. I loved that description of how to shower and use wen. It sounded like a dream. Do I stick with FGP and use it the right way or should I get remoist too?
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Re: Wen Hair Help



Take a week or two to get to know your way around your cleansing conditioner first. It's very versatile.

You can also use your CC to deep condition your hair, midshaft to ends. 


Chaz said he used to add a bit of oil to cleansing conditioner, and use that to deep condition, before there was Remoist.


The CC is your WEN 'foundation'.

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Re: Wen Hair Help

@SophieF i just want to add I found Wen in the beginning stages of an autoimmune diagnosis. My hair was falling out from Meds and stress. Wen and Chaz were God sent and I'm so thankful for that. Little did I know my first purchase would change my life. That was almost 12 years ago and my hair is beautiful. Good luck. You got great advice here and if you need help call the number on the bottle.
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Re: Wen Hair Help

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@SophieF wrote:
I’m relativley new to Wen. I bought FGP a few weeks ago and mainly have used it as a conditioner. Due to the medications I take for my autoimmune disorder, my hair even though it’s past my shoulders is broken, frayed, frizzed, varying lengths. I don’t know how to properly use wen or what I need. Any help on rehabbing my hair I’d appreciate it! Thanks!



Dear @SophieF! Hair does come back to even better than it ever was, if taken a proper care of.


My suggestion is to give your hair a chance to start anew - cut it!

Give it a fresh start and a chance to be even length.


Would really help to give up using shampoo - it damages our hair. If you use Tea Tree WEN Cleansing Conditioner as your first cleanser, you'll find it cleanses hair and scalp really well! It also helps with a hair growth and health of your scalp. 


For a second cleanse, well, it could help to ask WEN people what would they suggest for you to use - they are super helpful team and a pleasure to talk to!


WEN Hair Masks also restore and strengthen hair very well. Tea Tree oil applied to scalp also helps.


FGP is a wonderful CC, though I think, not for all types of hair and not for every day use for most people. 


Stick with WEN cleansing and you'll love your hair again! WEN returned me my hair back to health and volume, it's by far better than it ever was before. Woman Happy

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Re: Wen Hair Help

I’ve been using Wen for over 10 years so obviously I LOVE it!! It also seems I learn something new every time I watch Chaz's shows. He loves to help people! I follow him on Periscope where he’ll answer any question you may have if you feel inclined to watch him. If not, his phone # is on every product and trust me, they will answer any and all your questions!! They are very patient and so knowledgeable!! Best customer service ever, but not surprised as it’s Chaz. I wish you the best, don’t give up because everything everyone has said is true.