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Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't?

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There are six different Cleansing Conditioners in the Wen Classic line:


* Sweet Almond Mint (SAM) 

* Tea Tree (TT) 

* Fig (FIG) 

* Lavender (LAV) 

* Cucumber Aloe (CA) 

* Pomegranate (POM)



In the Classic line, the 32oz. Cleansing Conditioner (CC) sells for $49.50 and the 16oz. Cleansing Conditioners sell for $29.00. -- This June 2016, the Classic gallons sell for $179.00 plus a $3 S&H charge.



All of the CCs in the Classic line are wheat-based except for Pomegranate (POM) which is soy-based. This makes POM an excellent choice for people who are gluten intolerant or who have celliac disease. 



The Classic CC line was the first Wen line that Chaz developed. They do not have some of the specialized ingredients in them that some of Chaz's later lines have, such as: 


* 11 amino acid complex - strengthens hair since hair is keratin protein

* extra skin care ingredients (since your scalp is part of your skin) 

* bamboo water - provides flexible hair strength

* honey complex - provides added moisture to your hair

* Four Tea complex - antioxidants



The Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line have been created with various hair needs in mind (e.g. thin/fine, coarse/thick, lots of hair vs. not a lot of hair, curly hair, damaged hair, hair that needs more moisture, etc.). It's not the scent (of the essential oils) that determines the CC's performance. If you look through the various ingredients listings, you'll find that the ingredients vary a good deal from CC to CC. It's those ingredients that determine the hair care performance. 


So you shouldn't choose your CC by the scent but, instead, by what it will do for your hair. 


Of course, scent is always a factor, because if you hate the scent them you probably won't want to use that CC.



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Wen Classic line - related styling products


Additionally, I set up three additional individual Wen Classic line threads: one each for the Cleansing ConditionersTreatment OilsStyling Cremes, and Replenishing Treatment Mists. -- This way Wenners can ask questions and share information on which particular scents they like for each of the four products.


Overall, the individual Cleansing Conditioner scents have each been created with different hair care needs in mind. For the Treatment Oils, specific oils may have specific benefits for your scalp. Whereas, the various Styling Cremes and Replenishing Treatment Mists seem to perform equally well; for these two items, I think most people pick whichever scent they like the best.  


Additionally, each scent can vary through the product line. For example, I love the LAV CC scent but I find the LAV RTM has a powdery note that I don't like. 




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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

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I've tried all six of the Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line. 


I have not a lot of thin/fine porous hair and my hair is shoulder length. Below I've described how each of these CCs worked for my hair as well as how each of them smell. 




* Sweet Almond Mint (SAM) -- Universal CC (it works for almost everyone) -- This was Chaz's first CC and, as he frequently says, this CC had to work for everyone and every hair type. 


I have tried SAM off and on for about four years and it always weighs my hair down. I think my experience is unusual because I haven't read that many (or maybe any) posts from other Wenners with thin/fine hair who felt that SAM weighed their hair down. 


Sweet Almond Mint scent -- It smells like the South Of France almond soap which i really like. I think I also smell a hint of mint. I really like this scent. I'm really disappointed that it still doesn't work for my hair.




* Tea Tree (TT) -- unofficial Universal CC (it works for almost everyone) -- Before I started using the Wen Tea Tree CC, my scalp would turn into an oil slick inside of 18 hours. Using the TT CC for 3-4 months helped normalize the oil production on my scalp and I could go for 2-3 days between cleanses. 


I think that all the CCs will normalize an oily scalp, it's just the tea tree oil kicks it up a notch. 


If you're new to Wen I highly recommend starting with the TT CC. That said, before you commit to TT just go to your local health food store and smell the tea tree oil first. If you can tolerate that smell, then you should be just fine with Wen TT CC because it's not strong. And once you start seeing what TT does four your hair, lol, you'll learn to sort of like the smell. 


Tea Tree oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal medicinal benefits, and this helps keep your scalp healthy. If you have dandruff, then you probably know that tea tree oil is an ingredient used to eliminate the microbes responsible for the dandruff. 


When you watch the QVC Wen shows, you'll notice that most of the models and hosts incorporate TT CC into their hair care regime.


Tea Tree scent -- I've used the TT CC on a regular basis because I like the results I get with it. It took me a bit of time to get used to the TT CC scent.




* Fig (FIG) -- I tried FIG on and off for 2-3 years and it always weighed my hair down. A lot of Wenners love using FIG, especially in the winter months, because it gives their hair extra moisture which is helpful when heated homes dry your hair out. I finally gave up on FIG and gave it to a good friend of mine who has thick/coarse hair. 


FIG scent -- I really disliked it. To me it smelled like a cheaply scented melon (very cloying). Yuck!




* Lavender (LAV) -- I wanted to love the LAV CC so much because I love the smell of french lavender. 


Chaz's CC Recommender says that LAV should be my "go to" CC and give my hair body. Unfortunately, it left my hair either frizzy or flat, and dried it out a bit. One of my best friends loves the LAV CC and I gift it to her regularly (she has a great head of a lot of coarse/thick hair). This allows me to retest the LAV CC regularly. Just last weekend I got the same unfortunate results.


At first I thought that the witch hazel ingredient in the CC was the culprit, but the Cucumber Aloe CC also had witch hazel in it and CA did not dry my hair out. I finally decided that the lavender oil itself was probably the culprit.


A few years ago, when Chaz was on the air with Lisa Robertson (she's since left QVC), they discussed how the LAV CC was really for people who had a lot of thin/fine hair (not me), or who just had a lot of hair. -- And how TT CC was probably a better option for people who didn't have a lot of thin/fine hair (like Lisa Robertosn and myself). I don't know why that information isn't reflected in Chaz's CC Recommender.


Lavender scent -- I love the expensive lavender from the south of Provence which is the lavender that Chaz uses. I love the way it smells in the CC. I'm really disappointed that the LAV CC doesn't work for my hair. A lot of times I'll use the LAV CC for my body lotion because it smells to good.




* Cucumber Aloe (CA) -- Chaz calls this his most clarifying (astringent) CC. It's for people who have a very oily scalp and dry hair (it was originally formulated for teenagers). Chaz also recommends using it after you have been swimming (I'm guessing in a chlorinated pool).


I bought CA to use as a monthly clarifier. I didn't think I really needed it but I liked the idea of using a clarifying CC once in a while. It works just fine but I haven't noticed any "clarifying" differences. 


Some Wenners feel that CA CC is drying for their hair.


Cucumber Aloe scent -- I think the scent is cloying and artificial. i don't like it. It reminds me of the scent of one of those Little Kiddles scented mini dolls that I had when I was a child.




* Pomegranate (POM) -- Universal CC (it works for almost everyone) -- POM is the only CC in the Classic line that is soy-based. All the others are wheat-based. Some Wenners feel that the POM CC is frothier than other Classic line CCs (i.e. so it feels more like shampoo). -- POM works well on my hair. 


Pomegranate scent -- I really dislike the POM scent so much that sometimes I can't even use it. I can't even begin to describe the smell because I've never smelled anything like it. I think it has an artificial smell. -- I've noticed that people either like the POM scent or really dislike it. From what he's said on QVC, I think that Chaz really likes the POM scent. 




Well, that's my take on the Classic line CCs. It's never too early to start figuring out which TSV scent you'll be ordering. The September Insider (InsideQ magazine) is due to come out in mid August (around 8/15) and I think it's very likely that the Wen TSV advance order number will be included in the listings!! 


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

My favorite core is most definately TT.  i love the scent too.  i know some have a hard time with it, but I love it.  Its earthy and invigorating.  Works great on my hair and scalp.  The TT oil is phenomenal too.  I feels like its therapeutic for me.  Clears my sinuses and help me to relax.


My second favorite core is the fig.  I have long highlighted hair that I blow dry probably 2-3 days a week.  Fig leaves my hair silky smooth and soft.  Once again, I enjoy the scent too.  Also has an earthy element to it but also a little sweet.


I tried SAM about a year ago.  I dont think I gave it a good enough chance.  I loved the scent.  I was fresh and invigorating.  I think it weighed my hair down a bit.  I want to try this one again.  The tsv is tempting.  I would definately use the RTM, oil and sc for sure.  I need to give this one another shot.


I recently tried lavender.  So sad to say  it didnt work for me.  The scent was very nice.  Left my hair a bit dry feeling.  Not that bad but lavender is easily outshined in my book.  I wont be trying this again but would be interested in trying the oil and rtm.


Pom didnt work the best for me either.  My hair didnt get that soft and silky feeling after using it.  The scent I liked.  Ii have bought the rtm in Pom and loved it. 


I have never tried CA.  My scalp isnt oily at all so I have never felt the need to purchase it. 


This is why I will probably buy 3 tsvs.  TT, fig and SAM. 

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

Thanks Bebe .  Love these threads!   Tea tree is my favorite classic CC.   I have thick , color treated wavy hair above my shoulders.  Tea tree cleans well, and is an excellent first cleanse.   I used fig first year  due to color damaged hair, then it made my hair feel heavy  .SAM always leaves my hair feeling weighed down.  Loved the smell of lavendar but it was drying after a while.  Pom was good and never tried cucumber aloe.  

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

I have thin, fine hair with highlights. Before that I used to get perms on a regular basis so my hair was fairly damaged when I started using Wen. It's getting thicker than it has ever been since using Wen.


I've tried all six cleansing conditioners in the classic line:


SAM - It smells very minty and I actually quite like it. It used to work for my hair really well but lately it seems to be too heavy for my hair so I haven't used it that much.


POM - This one smells kind of fruity to me. I love the scent but my hair still needs more moisture than what POM can give me most of the time. It seems to be hit or miss how the results are with this one.


LAV - I don't even know how to describe the scent. I could not tolerate it at all. This was one of the first formulas I tried since Chaz said it was for volume. I figured with my thin hair that would be great for me, but the scent was unbearable and it left my hair dry and frizzy.


TT - The scent is a pretty strong tea tree scent but I don't mind that much. It works really well for my hair and I love using it as a first cleanse.


FIG - The scent is not the greatest which I mostly blame on the strong menthol scent but my hair absolutely loves the moisture so this is my go-to in the classic line.


CA - I have a hard time describing what this one smells like to my nose but since I've always had extremely oily hair this was my favorite when I first started using Wen. My hair is still fairly oily but nowhere near as bad as when I first started using Wen. I know others have said they found it drying. This was not drying to me at all.

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

@bebe777 I agree with you about the LAV CC. When I first started watching Wen on QVC and I was trying to figure out which formula would work best for me Chaz was saying that LAV was for volume. He never mentioned anything about how it was best for those with a lot of thin hair. I had the exact same results as you as I haven't tried it since. I also noticed that later on he started saying that it was for those with a lot of fine hair (which definitely isn't me).




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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

My favorites are TT and Sam.  Both just work so well for me.  I used to like using Pom too, and I love that scent, but the performance on my hair is just ok.  I cannot use Fig, CA or Lav.  I keep trying the Fig, but it just seems to weigh my hair down.  The Lav made my hair like a puff ball (Smiley Happy) and the CA gives me frizzies.  I am more of a Seasonals girl - love most of those and the performance on my hair is great!

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

My favorites are Fig and Pomegranate but I will order the TSV in Pomegranate because I like the oil in pomegranate. 

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

I've tried all but Cucumber Aloe in the Classics...and they are really ALL fine for my hair. Pomegranate is probably my very favorite, though. Fig was a bit too moisturizing, and the scent was really off-putting to me--I'd rather smell Tea Tree than Fig!  I do like to rotate my Classics as my hair seems to get bored with the same one all the time.

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Re: Wen - Cleansing Conditioners in the Classic line - which formulas have worked, and which haven't

Fig is the one I need for moisture. Most of the others I can't use unless I include Fig as a second wash or mix the two.


My staples are Fig and Tea Tree and I often use them together. 


I am allergic to Lavendar, so that's the only core scent I haven't tried. I didn't like the scent of cucumber aloe and it was way too drying for my hair. Since none of the other core scents work for me without Fig, I don't spend the money on them. I do have some bottles of Sweet Almond mint left over from TSV purchases and I use that as my leave-in because SAM is my favorite core scent.