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Re: Wen - 613 NBT notification - 8oz NBT, 32oz CC & 4oz. RTM - $79.92

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@FleaMktQn wrote:

The only way I knew about it before was cuz bruingirl started a thread on it. It was never on the Wen QVC products page, you had to hace the item number to get to it.


Sure didn't last long this time, bet it was a mistake. I think it was only available for a few days the first time, which was longer than I thought it would last.

I do remember learning about the kit first on the forum in November and my email came shortly after. 


@FleaMktQn and @Diva1Donna, when bruingirl started the thread on it last November, I immediately went to the QVC product listings and was able to pull up the Wen photo information that I always post (see below). -- I always do this because it gives everyone all the relevant info just by looking at it... lol, kind of in the vein of a picture being worth a thousand words. 


That said, when I went hunting for the updated listing this afternoon -- and I'm pretty darned good about finding them -- I coudln't find anything.


I still tend to think that this special was listed in error... QVC has done this before. Smiley Wink


-- bebe Smiley Happy





original QVC product listing for this 613 trio when it was launched on November 11th... 




QVC Price: $88.00   Featured Price: $79.92
Available for 3 Easy Payments