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I have tried 2 of the oils.  I love the way they work if I leave in overnight on my scalp BUT  I cannot take the strong scent.  It does not go away.  I had the lavender and the sweet almond peppermint.  It must be the TeaTree that bothers me.  Any suggesions for a lighter fragrance?  How is the new scalp tonic?

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319 is fragrance free

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I love the 619 and the Fall Pumpkin Ginger.  They are scented, but they don't bother me like some of the other oils.

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@bargansgirl - Its probably the Tea Tree bothering you. It has a very medicinal scent. When I first started using it I couldn't wait to remove it - but now it doesn't bother me. For softer scents maybe try seasonals - the Fall Tuscan Pear is very light.
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@bargainsgirl   I have completely given up using the oils because I use the scalp tonic every night instead, it works to improve my hair growth far more than even the Tea Tree scalp oil ever did.   If you are using the oils for something other than stimulating hair growth, though, then I'd suggest picking seasonal oils that you know you will like sleeping in.  Good luck!

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I really like the scalp tonic, too.  I have gotten downright lazy about using the oils in my hair, but I do use them on the body.  I mix them with the UNIBT.

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