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has there always been a Wen friends sale in the fall?Smiley Surprised

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The WEN friends sale is a more recent offering in the last few years if I recall.  It's in Spring & Fall.  It was last in March and now it is on again.  Time to stock up!

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@SurferWife  Yup!  No gallon of winter white citrus. I hear it's being retired so i got a couple of 32 oz. bottles.   I do so Love that scent.

It reminds me of a Victorian Christmas  high tea with the fireplace going, cakes and fruits and pots of fragrant tea on the sideboard and the warm room decorated with citrus pomander balls dusted with spices and studded with cloves.  I'm going to miss it when it's gone.

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I just watched the video of the scalp tonic that Chaz presented during "Girls' Night In" with Jane Treacy and noticed it was on sale.  Went and checked my a/d and I am paying $10 more every other month!  I started a new a/d and once it's confirmed I'll cancel the old program.  If it was just a couple of dollars I wouldn't bother, but for ten bucks, that's worth the hassle.  Thanks, Chaz!