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Re: WEN - September Chat 2015

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Today in WENNING story time! So, I got my mom started on Wen about 2 months ago. She saw a friend of hers the other day that she had not seen in the meantime. The woman could NOT get over her hair. She told it was not only beautiful, but looked a lot younger than it ever had. The woman was kind of stumbling over her words because she didn't know how to say hair looked younger, but it did, which in turn made my mom look younger. As you might image, mom was THRILLED! Go Wen anti-aging.


That is great! I'm glad your mom is having such great results with Wen. Cat Happy


@yisbuff2 thank you for sharing your mom's Wen story!! Smiley Happy


It's wenderful to have a great head of Wenned hair... but it's even better to get compliments about your great head of Wen hair!!! Smiley Happy 


High five to you for giving your mom Wen!!! Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy