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WEN Q2 BIG DEAL 5/19/2019

   Sunday, May 19th, 2019

        QVC2 BIG DEAL


5/19  WEN live presentation with host Gabrielle Kerr

5/20  WEN live presentation with host Elise Ivy (morning)

5/20  WEN live presentation with host Stacey Stauffer (evening)

Plus additional rerun presentations on QVC2.

Check program guide for your time zone.


WEN is also scheduled a few times for the BeautyiQ channel during this 24hr period.


I don't know what's going on with BeautyiQ anymore. These could all be original shows pre-recorded especially for BeautyiQ, and not reruns from Q2.


  giphy.gif   And now ... WHY WHY WHY

would QVC sabotage its vendor by putting all WEN products on 6 easy pays on Friday 5/17, then allowing free s&h on all WEN to kick in on 5/18, plus make the BIG DEAL item available to order on 5/18. . .while pressuring the vendor to sell a predetermined number of units during the three scheduled BIG DEAL presentation hours on 5/19??

Something is awry here. 

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Re: WEN Q2 BIG DEAL 5/19/2019


Hi! We are sooo close to June, I’m just gonna wait till Chaz back for the month. Luckily, there is nothing I REALLY need so I can wait. QVC just puzzles me . . . .