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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

@World Traveler wrote:

@Hedge And I am going to add something else, although I will probably get stoned! ha!


I know sometimes people say they have to order before the presentations because they are working or they will be out of town, or whatever reason. And to that I say, "where there is a will, there is a way."


I have been halfway around the world and been able to order during the hour or two he or Gina are presenting in order to ensure I do all I can to help him meet his quota. Planning ahead and knowing the difference in time zones, etc., and getting on my iPad is as simple as doing it from my own home.


And sometimes I am at work during the presentations or in a meeting. I keep my phone or iPad with me, glancing down periodically to see what is being presented. If I won't be out of the meeting before the show is over, it is so simple to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and do the ordering in the stall! LOL!!!


Like I said, "where there is a will, there is a way." I owe him and his products a lot for hair growth in an area where I was losing a lot, and I was at a loss on how to continue hiding that fact. So the least I can do is order when it benefits him the most. Right? Heart

@World Traveler

I know exactly how you feel about this! Back when Chaz had Saturday TSVs and OTO popped up in his last show of the day, I’d leave my busy bar to see what was being offered and make certain he was on air, then placed my orders. I was caught a couple of times by my manager, but I knew he just wouldn’t understand, I didn’t even try to explain, lol!


I was wondering if Chaz would get “credit” this past weekend with all the re-airs on Beauty IQ. So, I decided to wait till he is actually on later this month to buy anything. I truly don’t need anything right now and make it a point to make certain he gets “my credit” for QVC purchases. 

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

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@World Traveler, that is as I remember it. Thank you for taking the time to write it out. There are always new people reading here.


We can influence the QVC/Chaz Dean business arrangement.

I had two other WEN items I wanted that are always on the QVC 'menu'. But I waited, and ordered them during Gina's BiQ Steal presentation.


FYI  Chaz (or Gina) will be presenting again on QVC May 29th and June 1st.


From @Suz585 post:  since the BeautyiQ channel does repeats, do WEN orders placed during the 'rerun' presentations count?


I'm likely to order another BeautyiQ Steal in the next few hours, which obviously can't wait for Chaz's return. But I'll place the order during a WEN rerun if that'll help Chaz.



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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

@Hedge Regarding ordering during reruns of WEN presentations, I have never asked that and honestly don't know for certain what the answer is. However, common sense tells me that it is still a presentation, so it should count.


I personally wouldn't hesitate to order during a repeated program if there was something I wanted.


That will be Question #21 next time! LOL!

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

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@Hedge One other thing......when The Apprentice was still airing, one of the challenges for the celebrities was to come up with a commercial for a certain company that was being highlighted for that episode. They had to present it on QVC, which was done live from Los Angeles, so it must have been the season that Arnold was the host and not Donald Trump.


I learned quite a bit about how QVC decides what the hosts say and how long they talk about certain features of an item. If memory serves me right, it was one of the regular male hosts........Rick? Maybe someone else watched it and can refresh my memory.


Anyway, you were able to see behind the scenes in the "trailer" that QVC's production team was using for the broadcast. They watched what words, phrases, or demonstrations brought the most phone calls in, and then they would relay that to the host. That way the host would repeat the word, phrase, or demonstration that was generating the most phone action/sales.


That being said, it makes me believe that whether it is Chaz, Gina, a host, or a repeat of any of those three, it is the sales that count, not which vendor/show is making people call in. They are watching for whatever is bringing in the orders.


So, to me, that means that a repeat of a previous program counts as generating quota sales. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

@World Traveler - Thank you for all of that valuable information. I also order when Chaz is on to make sure he gets the credit. Sometimes, I put an item in my cart and "save it for later" then go back and order during one of his shows.


While I always like Free shipping, I had no idea this was paid entirely by Chaz. Seems like the Q could chip in.


I'll be making my list, and checking it twice...Riley1

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

Thanks @World Traveler 😊




When it's free shipping on everything, or

on all Beauty, that's QVC picking up the cost.


But sometimes when Chaz is there for a presentation, they'll have free shipping just on all WEN beauty products.

That's Chaz picking up the cost.


Stuff in my cart disappears in 45 minutes or so.

I put all my 'wannas' on my wish list.

They ride in there sometimes for a whole year.

I like that they show in the wish list even after the seasons change and they might not be available at the time.

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

@geezerette I was so happy to see that it was back when I checked this afternoon Smiley Happy 

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

Lilac is sold out - SO SO sad - are they going to get more for the June presentations or did I miss it?  It was there when I checked and went to order today and poof ... I am SO bummed

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

I got my Fig gallon today, and with it was a sample of Chaz's new fragrance, "Hope"!  Oh my, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this newest fragrance of his!  Light is okay to my nose, I didn't like Love much at all, too citrussy for me, but this newest one is lucious and warm and spicy and it has lots of staying power as well, I can't wait to get a big bottle of this fragrance!

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Re: 🚩 WEN Gallons Are In!

Yes! I just came here to see what others thought of the Hope EDP that came with the gallons! I love it, but think I won't be trying it ON until the cooler months. It's such a PERFECT Fall scent. So warm and inviting! Glad I get to try it out!