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@Riley1 wrote:

@quadmimi - I really had no choice. My rotator cuff was torn in several areas. Yes, your surgeon is correct, it is very painful to have done. 


Am I glad I had it done? If you asked me that during the first couple of months I would have said NO. But I did hang in there being in PT for about 4 months and now, as promised by my surgeon, my arm has full range of movement.


If you play by the rules and do as your surgeon says, do as the PT person says and do your excercises faithfully every day, you will be ok.


Let me know what you decide as far as surgery and I will give you some tips to get you through before/after.


@Riley1  Thank you for info...I proably will have the surgery as it's fixable now, compared to maybe not later down the road..I have one tear 10mm, it is still painful after a month..I am afraid if I don't have the surgery (although I don't want too) in 4 or 5 years it might be worse..My surgeon said it's not 100% that if I someday lift my arm up I won't feel a bit of pain, but better than not having it...

Its my right shoulder so I am limited on what I can do at this point..

Thanks for any advice..Smiley Happy


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From Dooters:


I am on a mission to find out what's in the April 5th TSV! WEN will they let me know? Seriously, does anyone have any idea?


Or, if you had input to a TSV configuration, what would be your ideal TSV? Of course, mine is WEN Pets Cleansing Conditioner with the WEN Pets Replenishing Treatment Mist. Nobody listens to me, but that's my dream TSV! Yours?



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Re: WEN February 2019 Chat

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From Chaz:


It is such an honor to find out Viola Davis not only loves my WEN Hair products but now knows about my Skin Care products and LOVES ❤️ them as well.


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