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Re: WEN - Ancillary Product Use

Thank goodness I have a large shower because I have several different CC's lined up for use.  As far as ancilliary products, I use the moisture replenishing spray and the remoist.  I'm okay with mixing the scents up.

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Re: WEN - Ancillary Product Use

I agree, my ancillary products outlived my CCs.  The only thing I use

after every cleanse is the Styling Creme.  I had finally used up all my

SC's and decided to use the SOB SC as my core.  Just this past

Chaz's spring show, I had purchased 2 of the 3 piece set.  I just hope

it'll last till his next spring show.


As for treatment oils, since I only use it at home for overnight 

treatment,  any scent is ok.  I have like 7 bottles...tsv/odo deals.

But, I do reserve the POM oil for my face only...helps to keep my

racoon eyes at bay.


Oh, and I do love using the treament mist.  My favorite is the 613.

I'm just waiting for a good deal with no shipping!  So in the time

being, I'm using up the TT and CA that I got in a tsv.  My SOB 

mist in hiding in my refrig.  


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Re: WEN - Ancillary Product Use

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I can't wait for the Bella Spirit ancillary products to be rolled out in the future!


Until then, I'll use up whatever I have in any order, shape of scent! For me, most important sensory experience is with Cleansing Conditioner when I wash my hair. All this delightfully fragrant wet goodness!


I wish I could stay with on CC till it's finished, but part of my love affair with WEN is to pick up a different scent each time, and go with which one I feel like using at the moment.


But, after cleansing it does not matter to me which Styling Creme or Mousse goes in - I love them all!