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Top 3 favorite wen formulas

I did some searches and the last time a "What are your favorite formulas?" thread has been done was a few years ago, and obviously things may have changed.


What are your top 3 favorite formulas?

Also note what your hair type is.


Admittedly I haven't tried many of the seasonals, but so far my favorites are:

1. BGT

2. MIF

3. FTP


I have fine, straight, medium thickness hair.

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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

Hi, @Greenqueen2 !


My favorite CC's , performance-wise, are

1.  MIF

2.  TT

3.  PJP


My favorite scents are:

1.  SOB

2.  WRC

3.  WWC.


I have shoulder-length curly hair, transitioning since February 1 from dyed to natural gray.


Happy Wenning! Smiley Happy

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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

I have very short, thin graying hair, but a fair amount of it. I like any of the seasonals or Pomegranate. The other classics for some reason seem to dry my hair out. 

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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

I don't know all the abbreviations. I've looked them over but I haven't memorized them. I do know that I'm obsessed with the Mandarin Italian fig, the honey lilac and I need to use tea tree so those are my three pics
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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

Mine would be 


1) Men's Wen, (Hubby & I both love this)..most moisture of any Wen for me


2)  613  I love scent & moisture..


3)  Fall Tuscan Pear, (FTP)....The scent is enough to be in my top 3...Smiley Happy


baby baby  fine, wavy/curly, chin length hair..(color the roots)


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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas


I have long, fine, limp, straight hair that is highlighted. My main hair concerns are that I need body and my dry ends. 


Ive been using Wen for just over a year now and my favourites are:


Lavender - 1st cleanse most days (sometimes with Tea Tree on the scalp), except when I am in a hurry and only have time for 1 cleanse I’ve found I can just use WVM and my hair still turns out pretty good!


WVM - everything about it is so good! 


FTP, SHP, STP are my favourites for my second cleanse. 



I do also love Light and BGT and will be experimenting more with the rice line...


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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

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My three favorites as far as scents are:


Summer Mango Coconut

Fall Ginger Pumpkin

Winter Vanilla Mint


@Lori1962 Spelled them out just for you! Heart


As far as performance of taking care of my scalp, it would have to be Tea Tree. Changed my life because it has helped grow my hair back in, in an area that was thinning out and making it hard for me to find ways to comb it differently so the scalp wouldn't show. That area has all filled in now.


I still have fine hair, so I will probably never have a abundance of hair anywhere on my scalp, but Tea Tree does miraculous things! Healthy scalp; healthy hair!

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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

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Fun thread, @Greenqueen2.  My fav 3 are: SHL, SCB and TT.

Edited to add, I have blond highlights and light brown lowlights.  Wavy hair .

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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

Fun thread, thanks!  Now that I know I can't use anything with the honey complexes my choices are more limited, but thankfully there are still many formulas to choose from.  My all-time top three are:


1.  TT

2. WVM

3. FGP


Right now, with my hair in a perm, my current top three give me more moisture for the curls:


1. SMC

2. Fig

3. TT


I also rotate in SOB and BGT, and am using up PJP as a first cleanse.  I've tried the Fragrance Free Rice, and it works about the same as BGT for me, but I haven't decided yet if I want to add it in regularly.  I'm using it as a leave-in with my last WRC styling creme, since I can't use WRC CC any more.  Once I use up the BGT gallon I have, I don't think I'll get more, as it does irritate my scalp some, so if Chaz offers a gallon of the FF in October, I will probably get it instead, as it doesn't cause any irritation at all, and gives me the same silky texture as BGT.  Going forward, since the new seasonals can be expected to have honey ingredients in them and the old seasonals that don't will be retired, I'll be using Fig and TT in rotation, and may go back and re-try Pom and SAM to see if I can use them, too.  

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Re: Top 3 favorite wen formulas

Thanks for spelling ou World Traveler, trying to figure things out. You are also very helpful, thank you very much