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Re: Toby says Aloha!!

Oh Toby send this pic to Chaz, he would have to send some STP!...

You are a Wen winner for sure..Smiley Happy

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Re: Toby says Aloha!!

That's the one I wanted and I got it.  It was available a few weeks ago, I saw it on QVC's site and I ordered it.  It got here really fast.  I thought it may take a while.  After another week, I saw it was off the site so I thought it sold out, guess it did.  That one must be really popular.  I got the NBT/CC duo too.  That scent is my favorite too but I heard it's on back order so I believe it will come back.  Lilac sold out too.  Those two never even made the show, they went so fast.  I heard Pumpkin is the next that's getting low too.  I kept a close eye on QVC's site.  It's great though that Chaz is paying for shipping.  For me, it's only three dollars to ship the gallon but for others, I know it's alot so I thought of you when they announced that.  Anyway, I'm sure the ones that sold out will come back.

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Re: Toby says Aloha!!

@Nananana59 wrote:

what is STP....


Abbreviation for WEN Summer Tropical Paradise Cleansing Conditioner @Nananana59. Smiley Happy

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Re: Toby says Aloha!!

@SurferWife  He is precious