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Hi everyone Been trying to post for almost two months now and I keep getting bumped off. Don’t know what’s going on and can’t get any help . Is there an admin that can help?
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QVCSocialTeam@qvc.com will pass your email to the IT employees to look into the problem. 

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Oh no I hope they can fix it!  We need your updates...Smiley Happy

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If you normally post via the mobile version (vs. 'full' view), it hasn't been working for anyone for some time now.


Just yesterday I saw a couple of posts from people that finally have gotten through via mobile, so hopefully that's been fixed now!🤞

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So far so good . Thank you everyone!!!
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What a relief to get in here this morning after many tries over the last several weeks and was able to get in. I have felt very disconnected. Thank goodness! Happy New Year to all!