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Re: So, did I miss something? Or Are There Any Special Deals Coming?

Love the rice based CCs!


I hopped right on the BGT and love it.  It makes my hair shine, and gives it VOLUME!  I love the scent, mix it with SHP and the scent is out of the world.  Mixing a pump of 613 in each final cleanse + 613 and SHP SC combo!


Due to the malicious water heater debacle, I'm using MIF as my 1st cleanse right now.  Cedar is one of my favorite scents as in my cedar lined closet, and the cedar chips in the doggies houses.  Love when they come in smelling of cedar.  Of course they spend very little time in their huge run as they much prefer being in the 'big' house on my bed!


Yeah Chaz!  Heart


PLEASE, If you purchased the cucumber + thyme EDP give a shout out.  I think I want it, really like those green scents...need your reviews.







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Re: So, did I miss something? Or Are There Any Special Deals Coming?

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Maybe there will be more OTOs during one of the Monday shows?

@Jen44  I was hoping for a kit that includes the new FF formula that was either a duo (choice of BGT or MIF) or trio of all 3 of BGT, MIF and FF.  I wanted to wait to see if any were offered before ordering this new formula.   


If there was a good deal with the FF CC in it I'd go for it - as long as MIF wasn't part of it. I really dislike the scent of it.


I think FF, MIF and BGT could be TSV in March. Don't you? Last March it was - MIF debute, along with BGT, with 613, styling creme, and rtm. At the great price too. The main choice CC was 32 oz!!!


Well, actually, I have no idea what coming March TSV may possibly be, but I know Chaz will surprise us again, like he always does - with great product and amazing values.

I only wish, that if it is a set based on Restorative CCs, that most of us will like it!


Because last time, some people were complaining it was Rice based TSV only, and did not get it. I hope EVERYONE will start loving Restorative Rice CCs line - I think it is the Best line Chaz has created so far! I really mean it.


@sonechko, yes!! yes!! Yes!!! on all counts!!! Smiley Happy


I think that you, @Drythe, and I are really beating the new Restorative CC line. Smiley Happy


I was a slightly later convert than the two of you, because I didn't try out the Mandarin Italian Fig (MIF) until June. Smiley Happy


Bamboo Green Tea (BGT) -- now replaced by MIF -- was my favorite as soon as it was created (it bumped the 613 CC off of it's top perch).


I agree that the Restorative line -- which now includes the new rice-based Fragrance Free (FF) CC -- is Chaz best line to date. -- That extra dose of bamboo water does something wenderful for my hair. Smiley Wink


I thnk that this march TSV will be a 613 and Restorative combo, which allow you to choose the Restorative option that you want -- either MIF, BGT or FF. 


-- bebe Smiley Happy



I hope the March TSV isn't another one with 613 in it because I have enough of that already. While the restorative line is great I think it might be too much treatment for some people. I can't use it that often without my hair drying out.


I so agree with YOU, @HSB1204!!!!!!!! I WISH it will BE a choice of three Restorative options, and I HOPE, that more people would be willing to give Restoratives another try, since I believe it's the Best Chaz' Line.


But I pray the March TSV would be WITHOUT Six Thirteen in the mix! I have two wonderful A/D with 32 oz 613 - one with NBT, another with Mousse, and I would rather keep those. I also LOVE 613, but I think can't use it too much as it dries my hair out with over-use.


@sonechko I agree. If the March TSV consists of the restorative line I'd like an option that doesn't include 613!