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Paging @honeybuns/WEN Sale

40% off everything sale on Chaz's

WEN website.

Must use the promo code at checkout to get the discount.


If you're signed up to get emails from Chaz's you will find the promo code in there.


You could also contact his wonderful customer service staff and just ask them.


    (323) 467-6444



Free shipping on orders that total over $35.00 after the discount is applied.


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Re: Paging @honeybuns/WEN Sale

Thank you!!!!


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Re: Paging @honeybuns/WEN Sale

Well, I am also answering the page and thanking you.  I grabbed a much needed 32 oz CC for $34...no ship, no tax.  There’s a small video on his website too that reveals the promo code.  Happy girl!