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I thought for sure we would have some ODO's from Team Chaz today, but nothing posted

Smiley Sad

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Me too- I am still hoping something pops up later.
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There are a number of "EVENT PRICE" items and kits at good prices even though they are not flagged as ODO.  Fall Seasonal sets, Bella Lip Kit with CC travel packets and some of the new Hope fragrance. If QVC Holiday return policy is the same as in previous years this might be a good time to take a look at these items as a gift for someone..

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Maybe in tonight's show? However, there are certainly a lot of event priced goodies to purchase. 

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I don’t recall a TSV day when we DIDN’T have an ODO. We’ll see what happens in 3 minutes!

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I got the Event Price for the trio of styling cream. Maybe that is the One Day Only?

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It seems to me like the Event Prices are comparable to ODO prices. I just looked at my purchase history from last fall and the ODO prices for the SC and mousse trios were the same as todays Event prices.


And I don't think an ODO could have been any cheaper for the Bella Spirit duo, I'm really happy with that deal Smiley Very Happy

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Maybe with these “event prices” they can be repeated the next time Chaz is on the Q rather than an ODO which can’t be repeated for 6 months

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My trio of the styling cream that I purchased of Fresh Apple has a very late shipping date. It is not expected to arrive underil October 4. Did anyone else have that? Perhaps I didn't act fast enough and I'm on a later ship date. Smiley Sad

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Maybe Chaz talked them into keeping a ODO secret until showtime later so he will get on air credit.  Remember the good old days when we were all surprised with a goody when it aired!