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Please be very careful using Wen!  I'm sure you've heard there is a class-action lawsuit against Wen by hundreds of women who have experienced hair loss from this product.

I have always had thick beautiful hair my entire life - I used Wen for a year and ignored the women complaining of hair loss.  Then one day I googled "Wen and Hair Loss" and was astonished at what I read.  I took a good look at the crown and temple area of my hair and compared my hairline to older, pre-Wen pictures of me, and realized I did have some thinning there.  I pulled up the drain in the shower and was again astonished at the amount of hair and gunky product jammed in the drain.  I have chosen personally not to use Wen anymore - I just don't want to take the risk!

Of course, make your own decision, but I for one, am now in the market for products for thinning hair and hair loss - SAD.

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@TKeys You have already received some great advice, so I won't repeat what has been said. One thing I did which others may have done, but which I'm not sure I've read before, is have a "day off" from styling while getting acclimated to Wen. I would cleanse, let my hair air dry, then assess where I was. By doing this it helped me see what was occuring that wasn't me manipulating through styling. What I found is that over the course of the year my also fine hair (medium amount) got wavier and then curlier, got deeper in color, got shinier, and got fuller (at least appearance - I've never counted hairs). It also helped me when I would actually use styling products the next time because I could see how they were or were not helping me.


My other piece of advice with all the products, but especially styling, is really give it time and multiple tries. Almost everything I've ever gotten I've thought wasn't working at first. I had to try different approaches. I kind of let the products show me what they could do instead of trying to make the products do something if that makes sense. Since I've been more patient I've learned what to use to achieve the results I want, and how to use products more effectively. I've only sent one thing back in the last year and that was just due to smell incompatibility.