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Well I am about to scream with my Wen coming by "opps wait it DOESN"T come"..


My FTP that needs to be in Az has been in NC, Virginia, now Ca, wondering if it will ever see my door...My FAS has never left processing, CS just says it's coming from the Vendor so they don't know when it will ship...this is the worst time I have had getting product since I have started using WEN...Hope it changes...


@quadmimi I have given up on understanding how things are shipped from QVC. Some of my Wen packages (like my BGT gallon) arrived super fast but now I have another package that supposedly shipped from VA on Tuesday and there's still no tracking update. It seems like you either get your package really faster or they decide to have a snail deliver it.

I don't even understand any of the shipping anymore...I liked when I could plan for a delivery but now they just come whenever, without any tracking updates for the most part...Smiley Sad

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I'm really unclear why they would even want to use Rando's Amateur House of Shipping when part of the whole reason to shop with them is getting the items to your home in good order. @Kjelle is there a place to choose shipper when you make a purchase online? I care about shipping with anything, but especially with Wen because the product could degrade or open and spill in the wrong place. Smiley Sad