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NEW/WEN Product That's New to You.


After all these years using WEN, I finally ordered the volumizing treatment spray for the first time.

   What took me so long??


What finally prompted me to try it was reading that someone used it as their hairspray.


At first I directly sprayed my finished hair. I probably was too close and used too much. Live and learn.


But it dried to a very strong hold.

If you're ever going to have your picture taken outdoors on a breezy day, this is the stuff to use!


Overall, I get better control spraying it onto my fingers and transferring it to lift roots, smooth curls at the temples, whatever's needed.


Any Wenners add an old/new WEN product to their arsenal this year?

Is there any older WEN product you finally tired? If so, what did you order and how's it working for you?


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Re: NEW/WEN Product That's New to You.

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@x Hedge my newest Wen product is A374029 Bella Spirit Smoothing Creme.  it really does take just a drop to tame any flyaways. All the shine and no heaviness.  i had made all my planned purchases at Chaz's last visit but then he talked about this product being a game changer and for my daughter and I, it is.

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Re: NEW/WEN Product That's New to You.

@x Hedge 


I've used the VTS for years, long before he had a hair spray.  In fact, I've always liked it so much I never tried the hair spray.  I use it when I put my hair up so I like the fact that it will provide a super strong hold if I want.  I think what I really like the best is that even with a "helmet head" application, it will look and feel natural.  And it brushes right out with no tangles or tugging.


I did prefer the original spritz sprayer over what it has now though because it came out as a finer and softer spray.


But it's the best hair spray I've ever used.  I won't use anything else as long as it's available.