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Re: My early March TSV order ARRIVED


I can't wait until March 24th to order Chaz's latest TSV!!! Smiley Happy


-- bebe Smiley Happy

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Re: My early March TSV order ARRIVED

Does the spray offer any frizz control in humid weather?  My hair is so porous, the dreaded humidity just gets pulled into the hair, and suddenly it's a birds nest... Even using cleansing conditioners and style creamed, etc,  I can't keep my hair under control unless I get keratin treatment.  Beyond frustrating. 

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Re: My early March TSV order ARRIVED

I got mine Thursday. I used the TT Friday for the first time & I liked it. But the really story Is the light (restorative CC) & the hairspray. Amazing! My hair loved it! Shiny, soft, volume & hold. I went shopping & couldn't help looking at my hair in mirrors in the mall. It looked great. Only slight complaint would be the scent of the hairspray lingered all day. It's a nice scent but I'd rather not smell it all day. 


I'm trying not to order another TSV. I have AD on the last one & am anxious to try the Cherry Blosssoms. I have this one on AD so maybe I'll just wait for the future shipments & try to use up some stuff. I'm running out of room for Wen! I like this TSV way better than the last as I will use everything in it. The last one I seldom use anything but the CC. Decisions, decisions....