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My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

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It had been 15 weeks since Chaz cut my hair, so I was glad he had an opening for me today. I came with my usual list of questions. I also took some photos, particularly the one with the Spring offerings on the shelf. If you are interested, here were my questions:


  • I noticed that there was very short hair on my forehead that I had not noticed before. It can’t be breakage from hair that was already there. So, is it new hair in a place I haven’t had for a while? Yes, he confirmed that it was new hair coming in since using WEN. Instead of receding, my hair is growing/filling in on my forehead.
  • If I was a fly on a wall of your home, what room would I probably find you in? What is your favorite to to be in? He said he likes the living room, but really likes being outdoors, using the patio deck, up on the rooftop, out in nature; feels like he is in a treehouse and being part of nature. He was taking photos up there one day and a hawk flew in his frame while he was photographing. Really cool experience.
  • Finish this sentence: I wish QVC would _________. He said: “Film live from California.
  • Finish this sentence: Most of the books in my home are about _______. He said: “About spirituality. The name of one of the books is “Excuse me, your life is waiting.” He likes Wayne Dyer’s books.
  • What avenue of advertising has been the best way to sell WEN? Facebook, periscope, QVC, infomercial, your salon, etc.? Which place do you find the most activity for selling your products? QVC and informercials generate the most sales for him.
  • My 32 oz of Tuscan pear came from Ontario, California. On the same day my order of 32 oz of White Citrus came from the East Coast. How many different facilities produce WEN? Where are they? He started by saying he/they are not allowed to say it is made in the USA, even though it is. It is the legal team who told them they can’t say that. But they can put that information on their bottles. The ingredients come from all over the world. But QVC has many warehouses, so the products can come from any of them.
  • I have heard and read that you are opening another salon in New York; is that true? If so, when will that be? Any other cities you plan to open a salon? He is working on a demo, which he closed escrow on 2-1/2 years ago. It is a very slow process because it is a landmark building. He may pop in once in a while, but is not sure if he will be doing haircuts or anything else like he does in his Hollywood salon. Maybe when he is at QVC and in the area, if he has time. But he has a very full schedule. And he definitely does not want to have a salon any other place after NY. Told him he could call it the WEN Bar, like the Dry Bars in many cities.
  • Do celebrities come to your salon or do you go to their home when they need you? They go to his salon. There may be an exception every once in a while, but they usually go to the salon.
  • What well-known person you have never met would you like to spend a day with, and why? He couldn’t come up with an answer at the moment and wanted to think about it. We did not come back to the question.
  • What TV series would you like to sit and binge-watch for eight straight hours? Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder.
  • What is the one compliment you never get tired of hearing? That people love their hair when using WEN.
  • I am aware that you and Lisa Rinna are friends. Sometime back, you and she were on the set at the same time. She (or maybe it was Shawn) asked you to put on one of the outfits she was selling. Was that planned or were you two ad-libbing? Was Shawn pretending when she said she had lost control and you guys were just doing what you wanted? He said it was 100% ad-lib. He had been doing a TSV in September and was very tired after doing that all day. He just decided to do something fun and put on her cardigan to model it. He got the cardigan for several of his workers.
  • I told him that @Suz585 had her hair colored in January 2016, and she now has a new puppy. How would the Angels react if she or any other client brought a dog with them? Is that even permitted? He said it is not allowed. In the past, Cloris Leachman brought her dogs and they were tied down near his feet. They weren’t always friendly and he would be doing her highlights and the dogs would growl at him. So he felt it was not safe, and there was liability potential. And he didn’t feel right about saying some people could do it and others couldn’t, so it is not allowed because of the risk. He is okay with playdates with other dogs.
  • Do you have requirements for your models. Like, they must only use Wen; no other brand in between the times they are with you. What about ancillary products; only WEN? Could they JUST ONCE use a product from another line as their styling cream or mousse or hair mist? Could you really tell if they used someone else’s stying cream, etc.? He said that basically when they get new models, they make sure they only use WEN; they must agree. And the models are good with that. He really doesn’t have to make them; they WANT to only use WEN. They are almost insulted that anyone would think they would use some other products. And yes, he would be able to tell if they use something else; he has done that before. Even one of his workers, Rhonda, did something different and he knew. This past Wednesday he asked if she had done something different because her hair had been colored pink and it didn’t look quite right. The color was not holding. He asked what she did differently and she kept saying no, but then finally she admitted that she used warm/hot water just one time; she didn’t want to use cold water. And that was the reason the color didn’t hold as well and started to fade. He said it is okay for me to use hot water, because I do not color my hair, but he would prefer that I end with a cool rinse.
  • Does it matter when you put Re-Moist on, if your hair is just damp or should it be dripping, soaking wet hair, like when you use leave-in? He said it doesn’t have to be dripping, soaking wet; but be sure it is damp. If it is more than just damp, the water will dilute the product.
  • With Re-Moist, do you want it just on the tips of the hair or can it touch the scalp? He said it is okay to be on your scalp, unless your scalp is sensitive to it, then don’t.  You know your skin; you know if it works with the Re-Moist being on your scalp.
  • When rinsing out the Re-Moist, should you just use water or should you also use a CC? He said as long as you cleanse prior to using the Re-Moist, you can get away with only only using water to rinse it out, especially if you have slept with it on all night; but rinse, rinse, rinse. Then follow with your leave-in, styling cream, mousse, etc.; whatever your routine is. Do not do your routine with the other products and then do the Re-Moist. The Re-Moist should be directly on cleansed hair without any other products on it first.
  • Some would like to get the lip products separately, just the lip balm or maybe just the scrub, or the two without the cream. Perhaps they are going thru the scrub faster than the balm or vice versa. Will they be offered as separate items in the future, either at QVC or on your website? Yes, they are offered separately on his website now. He doesn’t know when QVC will offer them separately.
  • He talked about how dramatic his lips have become…fuller…since using the scrub day and night, instead of just at night. That is because the scrub and the balm have hyaluralic acid which aids in plumping the lips up. Then he demonstrated how to do it, working it in really good on the lips. He always rinses it off with warm/hot water, to make sure it is removed, breaking down the paraffin. He rinses three times. He towel blots it. He demonstrated by going criss-cross, round and round, up and down. 
  • What are the various uses for using the lip balm, besides the lips? He mentioned around the eyes, lips, anywhere there are wrinkles; cheekbones and areas where you want to diminish wrinkles, because it has Vitamin K, arnica, and it hydrates the face. You can use it almost like a mask. He puts a lot on his face.
  • At this point, the dogs came in with green collars for St. Patrick’s Day; it was really cute. He said that was the dogs’ way of saying “no one is going to pinch me."
  • What are some of your firsts? For instance, you said around 10 years ago it was the first time you really didn’t have to worry about paying bills. What are some other firsts? Like, what was it like when for the first time YOU didn’t have to wash the hair of the clients; you were able to pay someone else to do it? What about the first time you could afford to own or lease your own jet to travel when you want to? What did any of that feel like the first time? He said they rent/charter the jet; he does not own it. That it felt good when he owned his first home; in fact, it felt really good. But also with that ownership came the responsibility. The first time he had his own salon felt really good too.
  • There are a lot of dry shampoos. Will you be doing that? Do you consider the dry oil to be similar? He said that the oil is not similar to dry shampoos and that he may have a dry cleanser in the future. Having a dry shampoo does not replace the need for a cleanser on your hair. Unfortunately, a lot of people do that. The dry cleanser would be good to give volume on days after the hair has been cleansed.
  • When is your next visit to QVC? What specials, if any, will you be offering? He will be offering 32-ounce classic cleansers with the larger matching RTM (12 ounce) on April 2, Monday. This combination is not available at the salon. Then he will have a 32-ounce Spring Orange Blossom for a first delivery, with the second delivery of Summer Honey Peach, and a third delivery of Fall Tuscan Pear. I think I remember those three choices correctly.
  • What seasonal gallons will you be bringing in June? He didn’t say which ones were “for sure” when it comes to presentations, but I was pleasantly surprised that some of the gallons available (but not presented) will be my favorites. For instance, he said he thought Mango Coconut would be available, but not presented; same with Vanilla Mint and Ginger Pumpkin. He is not sure which of the spring choices they will have. He thinks it is Orange Blossom, but could not remember for sure. He believes there is a limited amount of these and that is why they won’t be presented; only available if you search online.
  • I asked about the new winter scent; what will it be. Will it be some kind of mint? He indicated it would be a “warm” mint. I asked if it would be Spearmint, to which he responded “maybe.” He said it is in his shower right now.

@77yangya He did see what you wrote, what you requested I ask of him, but that was not periscoped. It was before we started. However, when he was busy in the other building and I was sitting in the chair waiting, I had time to read what you wrote, in case you were watching. Heart


Now, here are some photos I took. Some I have done in the past, but are for those who have not looked at my prior threads on visits to his salon.



This is the Spring display.



















This is part of a shower in one of the bungalows.




Another wall in the shower.




Your choice of what you would like to use!










This is on the wall where the Christmas Tree was displayed. Not sure what it is, but I love the coloring of it.





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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

@World Traveler  Thank you for taking the time to ask and post the questions/answers.  


I live close enough to visit his salon, but have never made the trek or have that extra money available because I'm sure that if I went there once, I would have to go there everytime I needed a trim.  

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

Thank you for taking the time to write & photograph a very Interesting article on Chaz & his salon....I found it to be very informative....

What a fun day it must have been to spend it with him & to bend his ear!  He seems like a very spiritual person & I look forward to his visits!  

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

What a great post.

He seems like sure a calming and kind soul.


I would love to know if he has or what are his favorite animal welfare group(s).  He is so gentle and loving to his dogs.  I admire that.


If I lived anywhere close to his studio.........((heaven)))


The last photo of the art work, I looks like a person standing or laying with arms and legs spead apart.

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

@World Traveler   Interesting post.  Thank you for taking the time to give us this information.  I've been using Wen for 7 years and I love it.   I always enjoy what he has to say and continue to learn how to best use his line.

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

@World Traveler.  Thank you so much for this post.  Love the photos and I'm curious about the seventh picture from the top.  The one of the shower in one of Chaz' bungalows.  Do you know if that Is that a diffuser?  Could that be WEN oil?

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

@CAcableGirl2 Yes, I know. I was only going to have him cut my hair once, just for the experience. Two years later, I still keep going. He doesn't cut it every time. On balance, it is about every other cut I get, making it around four times a year. As I have said many times before, I consider it like a doctor visit, a hair doctor visit. It is my one-on-one consultation with an expert on hair. I always learn a lot, and he keeps a close eye on which areas of my scalp I need to work on. I am eternally grateful to how much help and results I have gotten from him and his products.


But, I would love for you to just go there to look around and enjoy the grounds. It is very relaxing to sit outside. Amazing that it is so Zen-feeling when that part of Hollywood is busy and there has been construction going on for what seems like forever! ha!


Perhaps take a very strong person with you and entrust them with pulling you away before you spend any money! LOL!!!

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18


@World Traveler.  Thank you so much for this post.  Love the photos and I'm curious about the seventh picture from the top.  The one of the shower in one of Chaz' bungalows.  Do you know if that Is that a diffuser?  Could that be WEN oil?

@Gussie2007 Oh, I never thought about whether it was a diffuser; good possibility. I was using the bathroom and wasn't paying too much attention, other than how neat that there is a shower in that bathroom. I didn't smell anything different, like it was some type of oil, and just assumed it was for looks. But I bet you are correct.


However, right outside that bathroom, there was a strong smell of the Vanilla Mint candle, which kind of surprised me because he normally likes to keep within the seasons with the displays and products you can use/buy. I asked someone working there and they said it was the Vanilla Mint. Yummy!

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

I also took several photos outside, but every time I try to post them, I get a QVC error message that says "the file is too large," around 4k, and I can only post up to 3k, approximately. Don't know how to work around that you can see the outside of his place. I used my iPhone to take those outside pictures, but also used my phone to take the inside photos. If someone more knowledgeable about working with file sizes wishes to give me some ideas on how to make it work so you can see more photos, I will try it.

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Re: My Visit to Chaz's Salon and Questions I Asked - 3/17/18

@World Traveler, thank you for posting such an informative interview.  I have hopes of having him cut my hair sometime in the future.  I always enjoy your posts.

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