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My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

I have been using Wen for 6 years now!!! I love it!! It keeps my hair healthy and manageable! No split ends here! My favorites are tea tree and pomegranate for my first cleanse, and a seasonal scent of choice for my second cleanse. I love all the seasonals, but my favorites are spring honey lilac, fall Tuscan pear, winter white citrus, and summer coconut lime verbena! Thank you Chaz! Keep the awesome products coming!!!!

Smiley Happy Hilary
Wen girl for 6 years!!
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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Congratulations Hillary 77 .  I've been using WEN for 10 years now and I couldn't agree more about these awesome products!

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Hi @Hilary77!  Congratulations!  I'll be a nine year Wen girl this August.  I feel the same way as you too!  For me, there are no other products.  I love the NBTs.  I apply my choice of NBT after my shower and then it's time to blow dry.  I wash my hands before blow drying and the amazing thing is, is that my hands are so soft, glowing, supple even AFTER I washed the NBT off!  The skin around my nails just glow.  No hang nails.  All the Wen EDPs, the CCs NBTs, just everything, GREAT!  Right now, I opened one of my PJPs.  I love that one!  Can't wait to get my STP gallon!  Woo Hoo!

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

@Hilary77Congratulations on you Weniversary!


My seasonal favs are FTP & CLV also...I need to try the pom, I don't think I ever have in all this time..Smiley Happy  Your hair always looks so pretty in your pic!

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Wow can't believe it's six years! Congrats and happy weniversary💕
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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Good for you Hillary!  I've been using WEN about the same amount of time and have a similar routine as you.  I am madly in love with the styling products.  They are just the best!  When I stray from this line and try other things, I always regret it and wonder what the heck I was thinking.  Nothing else has made my hair look so good and healthy! Winter white citrus is the only one I have yet to try.  Looks like I should!

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Congrats @Hilary77  Woman Very Happy


For me it's been a little over 3 years Woman Surprised WEN is THE BEST Heart


@cac140  It's definitely time to try WWC Smiley Wink

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Congratulations @Hilary77!!!  Heart

Don't know how i missed this, but belated Happy  Weniversary to you! 

I'll never forget your beautiful WEN b'day cake 🎂 !

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Happy Weniversary @Hilary77!!! May you be blessed with many more wonderful years! Aloha!

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Re: My 6 Year Weniversary!!!

Congratulations @Hilary77!  I had to comment since the seasonals you list as your favorites are also my favorites!  Wishing you many more happy years with WEN!!