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MIF vs Blessings CC performance

I'm a die hard MIF fan as far as performace (not necessarily scent). I'm looking at the Blessings (specifically Love) CC and the ingredients are pretty similar- the big difference being that bamboo water is a lot lower in the list than MIF (and obviously different scent extracts).


Has anyone tried both and can speak to how they compare performance wise?



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Re: MIF vs Blessings CC performance


I've used both.  It's been a long time since I used MIF, but I have a gallon of Love.  It is my most favorite of the Blessings.  I remember MIF being hydrating, but so is Love.  My curls respond well to it and the scent is pure heaven!  It truly does smell like Hawaii.  I live in Hawaii and can confirm that...LOL!

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