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Love the Light fragrance and I am going to order the new CC. Maybe Chaz could do a future TSV with the Light products.....CC,oil,fragrance,treatment mist and body treatment.

I am sure he will be adding the missing pieces as eventually everything comes in all the products he offers.



That would be Heaven!!

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@motherinlaw  I do too.  I got the set of te NBT and EDP as my introduction.  Maybe we'll see the rice TSV in the Fall since they're doing the core TSV now.

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I have been using the Light CC in my rotation since earlier this month....I really do love the performance! I just ordered the Light NBT when Chaz was on air with it Friday evening. I am not crazy about wearing the scent as my perfume, although in the NBT I think I will love it! I guess I like more floral scents for EDP's. But I think you will love the CC, for sure! Its a wonderful formula! 

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Re: Love the Light........

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I didn't get the TSV but I'd like to hear reviews on the Light CC -- how does it compare to the other rice formulas?  How moisturizing is it?  I also wasn't sure what I would think of the scent based on Chaz's description.  I'm not a big Lavendar or Eucalyptus person, and didn't know how prevalent those notes are.


I'll debate on trying it later if it shows up in another kit.  Wish Chaz would go back to offering a 16oz cc, 1 oz oil and 2 oz mist (although that used to be the seasonal kit) because I don't need larger sizes, particularly when I am just trying out a scent.  Or even better if we could get sample packets!  He does offer packets on the other rice formulas.