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Lot Of GREAT Wen Coming Our WAY!!!

I was watching Chaz on Facebook and he made and just got it in his salon, the Bella UINBT, he's gonna offer a styling creme and a mousse in the Bella. 


I was watching Hunter's 11th Birthday Party and it was so cute, they had on party hats and he gave them "doggie" cake THEN he took Cassandra downstairs and used the Bella Dry Cleanser on her and WOW!  She was, at the same time, applying the Bella UINBT on her legs.


With her hair dry, Chaz spritzed it on the "halo" area of her head, brushed it through, then sectioned and spritzed in the new Spring Fresh Floral RTM and hit the sections with the blow dryer and BAM!  DID HER HAIR POP!  I did it this morning that way.  I did not cleanse my hair but did it the way Chaz did it on her and my hair was bouncy and shiny and was NOT a grease pit!!!!  HOO HOO! 


I was wondering if anyone else saw this too!  I CAN NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!  Chaz said that the Bella UINBT is the "Rolls Royce" of NBTs.  It is the very best one.  He was showing how they are building on his property and I think he's moving in there in future but keeping his present residence for shooting and guest house, stuff like that.  How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Lot Of GREAT Wen Coming Our WAY!!!

@yangya    Thanks for the info!  I'm looking forward now to the new Bella products!