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Re: Its working better!

Thank you @Hedge for a great detailed description!! Sounds perfect for fall Smiley Happy

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Re: Its working better!

@Hedge wrote:



MIF is (to me) a masculine, warm, lingering fragrance that reminds me of fresh cut hardwoods and smokey campfires.

Sort of like lumberyard meets firepit.

@Hedge It is hard to get Chaz to name his favorite of all his scents. He said it was like trying to choose which Angel/child is your favorite.


However, after continually asking him one day ("if you were on a desert island and could only have one of your scents......"), he said he would probably go with Mandarin Italian Fig. I don't recall the reason.


He mentioned that his favorite food is Italian, and has also talked about the favorite place to travel is Italy. So maybe that has something to do with it. There is Fall Tuscan Pear, which he always describes as making you feel like you are in Tuscany, but he didn't mention that one. Could be the ingredients that you listed that make MIF something he really likes.


I personally find that the rice-based products leave my hair a little dry, so I stay away from the MIF, the Bamboo Green Tea, etc. 

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Re: Its working better!

That's great, Lori! It's hard to look like the WEN models. You have to start out with a lot of hair, I think. I don't have that either. But mine certainly looks better than it did pre-WEN.